Miss Party’s misadventures in entertaining overnight guests! – Part 4, Still Updating/Decorating

Woohoo! Miss Party survived the wood floor refinishing week! It was darn stinky but she hunkered down in a few rooms at the other end of the house and survived it. Thank goodness it’s finally over and done with. That crazy, last-minute decision stopped everything in it’s tracks for close to 3 weeks (the waiting to do it, the doing and the drying), but it was all worth it in the end…the floors look great!

Summer PartyThe pain is in the rear view mirror and Miss Party is back in her happy place and having a much improved week. Now the fun comes putting the room back together and she can finally get down to the business of decorating it. Yesterday, Miss Party’s contractor worked with her all day to set up the room, hang hooks and paint the stairwell trim (to freshen it up). She worked furiously all day to get the room reset and decorated before knocking off around 4pm to get ready for her class.

Lots was accomplished over the last couple of days. Here’s what we got done:

1) got bed frame put together with headboard attached
2) set all other big furniture in place
3) laid a 5×7 grey/ivory zigzag rug and sheepskin throw rug, with the proper rug pads
4) got the bed made and top bedding worked out, took most of the day fooling around with that
5) worked the magic with all the accessories, like 2 gorgeous Robert Abbey crystal lamps, and other smaller furniture
6) unpacked and reset her daughter’s clothes closet
7) reset the stair landing area furniture arrangement and refilled the bookshelf

The bedroom still needs to get cozied up a little with some accessorizing, not too much as to be annoying for guests but a little here and there. The room still needs wall art. The attached bathroom needs to be cleaned from top to bottom from the floor sanding dust. The painter completed the stairwell trim and a couple of other things today.

Starting tomorrow through the next 2 weeks, Miss Party can’t get much more done in the room as her daughters will be home for their spring break weeks from their respective colleges. One item may get checked off during that time, though. Miss Party is hoping the window treatments can be installed. That will help to give the room a more finished look and feel less sterile. Unfortunately, the headboard slipcover is probably a month away from arriving but by the time that finally comes, the room better be officially DONE!

It’s getting there! Next time, Miss Party promises some pictures of the results…

Delicious Cake – A cake that lives up to it’s name!

This cake is so delicious, it’s called Delicious Cake!! Miss Party’s Grandma, Great Grandma, and Great, Great Grandma were amazing country cooks. They often used this rustic cake recipe for family gatherings over the last 100 years. The cake recipe was requested for family birthdays, dressed up as Coconut Cake at Easter, and later in the Spring, drizzled with fresh raspberry or strawberry sauce and homemade whipped cream as a berry shortcake. Yum!

Miss Party has often used this cake recipe for dessert at large parties as a base for a MYO shortcake station. She most recently had servers cut the cake into 2 inch cubes and prep the cubes into high quality plastic drinking tumblers for walkaway sundaes. She had a bowl of mixed berry sauce, a bowl of sliced fresh berries and a bowl of freshly whipped cream. Yes, it was a hit on a summer afternoon!

37 Pine Street, Nantucket

Delicious Cake:

2 cups granulated sugar
3 cups all-purpose flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup unsalted butter, softened
1 cup milk
2 tsps vanilla
4 eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

1) Combine dry ingredients and cut in butter.

2) Add wet ingredients. With mixer on med-high speed, beat well for 2 minutes, or hand-beat for 150-200 strokes.

3) Pour batter into a 9×13 oven to table baking dish for 30-35 minutes. If you prefer a layer cake to a sheet cake, split the batter into 2 round or square pans.

4) Cool cake completely on a wire rack. Dust with confectioner’s sugar, frost with icing or leave plain for shortcake. Cover dish with plastic wrap.

When ready to serve, slice three rows lengthwise and then gauge the thickness of your slices by how many you need to serve. 1 1/2-2 ” slices would be adequate, or cut into squares if preferred.

Miss Party’s misadventures in entertaining overnight visitors! Part 3 – Updating/Redecorating

Path to Mill Brook, Medfield, MA

Here’s this week’s latest ‘going’s on’ with the updating and redecorating of Miss Party’s guest suite. As you’ll see there’s been quite a bit of buying going on this week. Some things work out, lots of others don’t. Such is the way of these sorts of projects. The floors are scheduled to be refinished at […]

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Easter or Springtime Brunch – A planning timetable that will get you hoppin’!

Springtime in New England

Whether family and friends come to your house every year or this is your first year to host Easter brunch, you can pull this together in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, as long as you get yourself organized and stay on track. Miss Party will walk you through it, top to bottom. Brunch is […]

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Miss Party’s Overnight Guest’s Arrival Checklist – Make your life easier and their visit more enjoyable!

Summer Party

Few things can induce a panic attack in a seasoned party hostess like weekend guests arriving. To the 3 hour, party perfect hostess it’s like having a never-ending party. The best way Miss Party knows of to keep a grip on herself is by prepping as much as possible ahead of time. The more prepared […]

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Retro Game Night Party – Throwback fun with friends!


Looking for something fun to do with a few friends or a small gathering? Plan an unplugged evening of retro food, fun and games (board games, group card games like poker, ‘party’ games, billiards, even ping pong). It can be as easy as a pot of chili or veggie soup, beers and Trivial Pursuit to […]

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Miss Party’s Guest Room Checklist

The basics every adult overnight guest really needs: –*bedroom and bathroom doors that close properly and lock from the inside –a reasonably comfortable place to sleep –not a ‘rack of pain’ (please, sleep on it overnight yourself to be sure, your guests won’t tell you) –nightstand(s) –adequate bedside lighting –functioning alarm clock (digital nice at […]

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Miss Party’s misadventures in entertaining overnight visitors! Part 2, Updating

Well! Miss Party is about 3 weeks into a thorough redecorating of her daughter’s lifelong bedroom into a combo guest bedroom with en suite bathroom/college-age daughter’s part-time bedroom. The decluttering and packing of the room has finally been completed. There are some pretty glaring updates that need to happen so that’s the next big push. […]

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Miss Party’s misadventures in entertaining overnight visitors! Part 1, Decluttering

Miss Party loves to entertain on a fairly regular basis. A party in the hopper keeps her on her toes around the house (heroic things can happen with a deadline looming). Hosting guests who stay overnight, though, is entertaining of a very different sort. It’s something Miss Party has done much less frequently without a […]

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Miss Party’s Guest Room Checklist – Plan ahead and EVERYONE will have fun!


Thinking of hosting out-of-town visitors? Ooh, nice! It’s all fun and games until your tired guests arrive late at night from a long day of travel and immediately need to charge 6 personal devices (but can’t find a free outlet anywhere), the ‘Mrs.’ forgot to tell you she’s allergic to down feathers (the pillows and […]

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