Wine Glass Name Tags

Miss Party didn’t want to put this idea in with the wine glass charms because it’s primary purpose isn’t quite the same as a glass charm. A glass charm is an attractive doo-dad that visually helps glass and owner stay together during an event. A wine glass name tag is a tag tied to the wine stem that looks like it’s purpose is to help the guest keep track of his glass, but actually is a discreet, this being the operative word, name tag that can be viewed from a short distance by other guests conversing together.

Miss Party is impossibly forgetful when it comes to remembering names. Many social or business circles that don’t socialize together often or just see each other infrequently, would likely have issues with remembering each other’s names. Since the goal of any good hostess is to find ways to make her guests feel at ease, this is a much more discreet way of handling this issue than a “My Name Is…” name tag.

First, decide on a small hang tag that would work best with the look of your party. Tags that are authentic or functional have a utilitarian, retro feeling, but also feel modern when used with other modern decor. Search office supply stores or the Internet. You’ll find options from manila tags to silver metal rimmed circle tags. Consider upgrading the tag string to something luxe like satin ribbon or cool like retro baker’s twine in a custom color (try searching Etsy) to match your party colors. You could also decorate tags with a small stamped image, jewels, or flower.

When you are ready to prep the wine glasses and beverage station area, here are Miss Party’s suggestions. Tie the tags tightly to the glass stem near the base, the reason being you don’t want the tag to flip over or slide around when tipped up or the name won’t be visible. Next, find a sturdy drinking glass to use as a cupholder for 3-4 medium point markers. Set the cupholder next to your display of wine glasses. Take one of your prepped wine glasses and clearly write “YOUR NAME” on the tag and place next to the cupholder so guests will get the idea. You might like to place a short flower stem or two into the sample glass and half-fill with water.

What do you think?

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