DIY Decorated Clip Sticks Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to take your previously decorated clothespin clips and quickly turn them into ‘Clip Sticks’ that can be stuck into centerpieces, flower arrangements, foam bases covered with moss or grass, citrus fruits, cake, or anything else you would like to display small signs printed with theme phrases, food dishes, directions for activities, thoughts, placecard names, baby pictures of guest of honor, pictures of happy couple, etc.

Gather your supplies:

-Your previously Decorated Clips
-Package of 12″ bamboo skewers, available wherever cooking or barbeque accessories are sold, most grocery stores would carry them
-Unused popsicle sticks, available at craft store
-Hot or low heat glue gun, preferably, but white glue will work

Skewer stick version:

1. Roughly measure the length of your clothespin against the non-pointed end of a skewer.

2. Run a thin stream of glue along the non-pointed, measured end of the skewer. Working quickly, with the MOUTH OF THE CLIP POINTED UPWARDS attach the glued area of the skewer to the centered backside of the clothespin. Press the clip and skewer firmly to seal the entire length. If using white glue use several undecorated clothespins to hold the skewer in place until dry. Set clip stick aside for glue to harden.

Popsicle stick version:

1. Same method as skewers, except attach the popsicle stick to the clothespin at the lower half (pinch end) with the MOUTH OF THE CLIP POINTED UPWARDS. This will give you necessary length to the stick to allow for pushing the free end into whatever will be used to make the clip stick stand up.

That’s it! Super easy and adds a whole new range of possiblities to use your decorated clips!

What do you think?

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