DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Embellishing your Decorated Clips

This tutorial covers embellishing your ALREADY decorated clothespin clips. If you haven’t yet decorated your clips, please see “DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial”. Due to an impending vintage-style Mad Tea Party, Miss Party’s examples tend towards a vintage-y style, but the clips can definitely be go in a more modern, contemporary, whimsical, or retro direction, if desired. You’re really only limited to what you can find that suits the look of your party.

Gather your supplies:

-small embellishments such as paper, ribbon, or fabric flowers, paper or felt leaves, mini butterflies, glass marbles, mini jeweled ‘doo-dads’, buttons, pom-pom’s, etc. Look in scrapbooking aisles of craft stores or sewing embellishment section of fabric stores for tons of possibilities. For a candy themed table you could do temporary embellishments of hard candy pieces, or mini wrapped candy bars.
-hot or low heat glue gun and glue stick, or white glue

Use hot or low heat glue or white glue to attach to the mouth end of the clip (not the end that you pinch to open), set aside to fully dry. That’s it!

What do you think?

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