DIY Glitterized Decorated Clips Tutorial

Another look for decorated wooden clothespin clips is to cover the face of one side of the clip with glitter. This is a fun, but subtle, way to bring a bit of glam to your party decor. These are a ridiculously fast and easy option if you need to make dozens of them.

Gather your supplies:

-Wooden clothespins in desired size (cheapest at Target, Wal-Mart or similar type of store, around $3 for 40-50, but still reasonably priced at large craft stores, grocery store, dollar store or anywhere that sells laundry supplies)
– 1 jar of glitter in your chosen metallic color(s). Miss Party is loving Martha Stewart’s line of “Tinsel Glitter”, in particular. If one of those colors isn’t quite what you had in mind, next look at Martha Stewart’s line of “Glitter” which is a finer glitter and done in a wider range of colors.
-1″ foam applicator brush
-Mod Podge
-Sheet of paper to catch excess glitter

1. Cover work space with a sheet of newspaper.

2. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to flat side of clothespin clip. Wipe off any excess glue on sides or metal spring.

3. Sprinkle glitter over entire surface of glue. Set aside to dry.

That’s it! Repeat to make as many as needed.

What do you think?

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