DIY Party Favor Giving Tree Tutorial

A Party Favor Giving Tree, is intended to be in lieu of giving, what some folks feel can be wasteful, party favors. If the guest(s) of honor would prefer the money that would be spent on party favors go towards a more productive result, then this idea may resonate with you and them. Miss Party feels good about this idea, as it reflects 3 causes that are important to the guest(s) of honor, but also engages the party guests for a few minutes during the party as they make their choice from the 3 causes, and they do still leave with a little something.

Decide how much you, as hostess, are budgeting for a party favor for each guest. This $$ amount will be how much you will be donating to the guest(s) of honor’s 3 specific causes they designate, the total for each to be figured out depending on your party guests choices. Guest(s) of honor should choose 3 different non-profit organizations, fundraisers or relief effort agencies they would like donations to go to. To figure out how many cards of each to make – take the total number of guests that RSVP’d yes, add 20%, then divide by 3. This number will be how many cards you should print with each non-profit’s name. (Adding 20% will give guests the ability to continue to choose from 3 organizations as the party continues.)

1. Make your cause cards in a font appropriate to your theme, or they could be handwritten. Print on card stock in preferred color. Cards could also be embellished or stamped if desired.

2. Make decorated clothespin clips, one clip per card (see tutorials for same). Guests will keep the clip they choose as a remembrance, so also provide small glassine envelopes for guests to take away their clips. Glassine envelopes will keep the clip embellishments from getting knocked off or glitter from getting all over the inside of a handbag.

3. Make a Giving Tree in a planter that suits your party theme or style. (see tutorial)

4. Decide on 3 containers for guests to drop their card, thereby choosing which cause their party favor $$ will go to. Some ideas: 3 small but identical hat boxes, 3 identical crystal vases, open jars, planters, zig zag pots, stainless planters, plastic cylinders, clear or metal unused paint cans – basically any type of relatively deep container that would fit the rest of the theme or style of your party.

5. Frame a sign that explains the Party Favor Giving Tree, asking guests to choose which cause they would like their favor to go towards, and invite them to keep the decorated clip as a remembrance of the day. Also make small signs, could be attached directly to the containers or tent card style in front of each container, with the name of each cause.

To set up the ‘Party Favor Giving Tree’ on the day of the party:
First, on the designated table, put on your tablecloth, topper or runner, if desired. Place the Giving Tree in position towards the back of the space to give you room to place the 3 containers. Next, attach all the cards with the decorated clips to the branches of the tree. You could group the causes together, side-side-top, or mix up the causes all over the tree. Once that is finishes, dust the table to remove any glitter that has fallen from handling the clips. Place the 3 containers and their corresponding signage. Place the framed directions. Place a stack of glassine envelopes in front of the frame, directly on the table or in a small basket.

If you include this idea in one of your own celebrations, please comment or send pictures!

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