“iSCREAM!” MYO Sundae Buffet – They’ll call you the Hostess with the Mostest!!

With warmer days ahead, Miss Party Smarty wants to raise the ordinary Ice Cream Sundae Bar to ‘rock star’ iSCREAM! Sundae Buffet status this season. Let’s give our beloved ice cream sundae the same royal treatment as it’s Sugar Daddy – Candy!

In the above pictures, you see the table set-up from a graduation party done with the “On Cloud Nine” theme. Oh my goodness, did everybody go crazy for the Ben and Jerry’s Sundaes! The weather was warm that day and the cold ice cream was a huge hit! There was a line from the time the Scoopers arrived, until they ran out of ice cream two hours later!

To begin with, check the ice cream shops you have around you within catering distance. The per person cost to have the ice cream catered is more reasonable than you might think. See what nationally popular ice cream favorites like Ben and Jerry’s or Coldstone Creamery have to offer, their well-known presence at your event will generate a ton of excitement from your guests! Try locally favorite ice cream shops, too. Alternatively, go all out on the look of the buffet table and toppings offered and hire a teen or two dressed in white chef’s aprons to scoop. The nice part about having the ice cream catered, though, is that you aren’t trying to deal with storing all that ice cream or warming the sauces!

With a Ben and Jerry’s ‘Ice Cream Sundae Party’, for example, they provide 4 favorite ice cream flavors of your choice, 4 dry toppings of your choice, whipped cream, hot fudge and hot caramel (they bring a warmer), cups, napkins and spoons; they scoop and clean up. Even Ben and Jerry’s, considered to be a super-premium ice cream, is under $6 per person for a Sundae party, with a 50 sundae minimum and a reasonable event charge around $30. They do have other choices, too, like a ‘Cup or Cone Party’ or ‘Peace Pop’ Party. If you have a store near you and would like more details on catering options call them to see what they offer, also check out their whimsical website for all sorts of additional fun stuff, products, and even a list of their top ten flavors.

Whatever your party theme or style, buy or make a table topper that highlights your “iSCREAM!” Sundae Buffet table. (See DIY Table Toppers and Runners under DIY Party Projects for ideas.) Begin looking for the supplies you’ll need to put this entire station together: tablecloth, table topper, centerpiece and framed sign announcing the station; ice cream toppings’ containers; appropriate utensils for each topping, such as spoons, scoops or tongs; color schemed plastic or paper bowls, spoons and napkins (some ice cream shops will supply their paper goods as part of the set up fee, use if desired). For toppings, Miss Party Smarty is crazy for Zig Zag Pots, they’re inexpensive, lots of adorable colors, two sizes and are food-safe (see them under ‘Party Love’). Also at The Container Store or other kitchen supply store, pick up adorable clear acrylic mini scoops in varying sizes for the dry toppings (uniformity in utensil choice goes a long way towards looking clean and professional).

Of course, besides having delicious ice cream, the iSCREAM! Sundae Buffet is all about having an impressive variety of tantalizing toppings! At a minimum, Miss Party Smarty suggests offering 3 flavors of ice cream, hot fudge, whipped cream, and 5-7 dry toppings. Now for the fun part, choosing toppings! Miss Party Smarty has placed an asterisk next to some teen favorites, but So hold on tight, here we go (use some, most or all, as desired):

Dry Toppings:
-crushed Oreo’s or other chocolate sandwich cookie*
-crushed chocolate mint cookies, like Girl Scouts’ Thin Mints
-crushed graham crackers
-crumbled Brownie pieces*
-Cap’n Krunch cereal*
-Rice Krispies cereal*
-Fruity Pebbles cereal
-kettle corn (popcorn)
-chopped walnuts* (label clearly)
-slivered almonds (label clearly)
-peanuts (label clearly)
-milk chocolate chips* or chunks, or carob chips
-semi-sweet or dark chocolate chunks
-white chocolate chips
-butterscotch chips
-M and M’s* or mini M and M’s
-Gummy Bears*
-crumbled Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups* (label clearly)
-Reece’s Pieces candy (label clearly)
-crushed Heath bar candy or chips
-mini marshmallows
-Rainbow Sprinkles*
-Chocolate Sprinkles
-Cinnamon-Sugar (in shaker)
-Cocoa (in shaker)

Wet Toppings:
-hot fudge sauce*
-hot caramel sauce*
-strawberry sauce* (fresh sliced berries, mashed and sweeten to taste with sugar)
-mixed berry sauce (thaw frozen fruit, mash and sweeten to taste with sugar)
-marshmallow creme
-fresh sliced strawberries
-fresh raspberries
-fresh blueberries
-fresh kiwi chunks
-fresh mango chunks
-pineapple tidbits (canned in light syrup)
-sliced bananas (or display a bunch of bananas so guests know they can request a banana split)
-maraschino cherries
-whipped cream* (can or homemade)

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