A ‘Signature Scent’ Party – It’s ‘scent’sational!

A ‘scent’sational party starts with the party invitation and extends to the party! Miss Party still prefers snail mail to email. There is just something one can’t compare to the feeling of receiving a party invitation in the mail. It stops us in our tracks of a private moment in our ordinary day and piques our curiosity, “Oooh, what do we have here?”

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but so is a scent. A familiar smell like apple pie in the oven or balsam pine at Christmas, can take us back to childhood in an instant. Your paper invitation is your one opportunity, your one snapshot, to hint at what’s to come at your party if they attend, it’s purpose, it’s style or theme. You’re engaging their sense of sight and touch already, why not engage their sense of smell, too? Tell your guests right away this party will be interesting and creative; raise their level of excitement to attend your event. For something different, give your party a unique, ‘Signature Scent’ starting with the invitation!

Concentrated room sprays are available in lots of enticing fragrances at home goods stores; personal body product stores, like ‘Bath and Body Works’ or ‘Crabtree and Evelyn’; and candle shops. Choose a subtle scent that would pleasantly remind your guest of your party theme or inspiration and have a wide appeal. Maybe a lemon scent for a Southern Italian/lemon inspired theme; a tropical mango-pineapple scent for a summer party; a light, floral scent for a garden bridal shower; or a chocolate scent for a chocolate themed Sweet Sixteen. In the summer invitation above, Miss Party might choose any one of the three scents shown – “Pineapple Mango”, “Fresh Lemon”, or “Sparkling Mojito”. You’ll use your scent on the invitation so that it sets that scent in your guests’ memory, later when they attend the party they’ll smell it again and remember it fondly.

1) Hold the room spray approximately 1 foot from the backside of the invitation. Spray the invitation in one sweeping motion.

2) Slide invitation into the envelope soon after spraying. The paper will absorb the scent and the paper will not change color.

3) Mail the invitations as soon as possible so that the scent is still prominent when the guest receives the invitation.

Now, that you have set your ‘Signature Scent’ in the minds of your guests, pack the room spray away with all your party decorations. On party day, shortly before the party begins, spray your ‘Signature Scent’ on a few items in your party space: paper decorations; cloth items like pillows and tablecloths; or light bulbs and lamp shades that will be turned on during the party (the heat will release the scent). Use a light hand if your party is inside, this is meant as a gentle reminder not a headache-inducing party idea! Also, look for the same scent in tea light or votive candles, again, use scented candles sparingly if inside.

Your ‘Signature Scent’ party will be ‘scent’sational!

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