“iSCREAM Dreams!” Theme – A Birthday Party for dreamers and ice creamers!

This “iSCREAM! Dreams” Birthday party theme celebrates all those happy childhood dreams and is all things impossibly possible, topsy-turvy, DREAMY and ICE CREAMY! It’s a perfect birthday theme for any age child that loves ice cream. Miss Party loves it for a Sweet Sixteen party, too! The whimsical side can be played up or down, depending on the child’s preferences.

Really, who doesn’t love ice cream? Miss Party can think of nothing happier than a birthday kid with a made-to-order ice cream sundae in their sticky little hands on a warm afternoon, friends and family gathered around them, and basking in the fleeting glory of being the center of attention!

So, first check out the ‘iSCREAM! Sundae Buffet’ tutorial (under Party Activity and Food Stations) to start your own outline of ideas for this pivotal party highlight. The MYO Sundae Buffet for this party should be very extensive in its’ offerings for guests. It should go far beyond the standard favorite toppings and push into the realm of unusual and gourmet toppings. Begin checking out ice cream catering options in your area, you’ll want to reserve your slot as soon as possible if you’ll cater the ice cream. Begin looking for the supplies you’ll need to put this entire station together. Remind the guests of your theme by making a large framed “iSCREAM Dreams!” sign to hang at

For this delicious party, choose either a bright and whimsical ‘over the rainbow’ color scheme (you must check out the On Cloud Nine Theme, Part 1, and keep going with On Cloud Nine, Part 2 and On Cloud Nine, Part 3 for tons of decorating ideas to get you started), this was a Graduation party, but could easily be applied to a birthday party. OR, do an ‘ice cream-pastels’ color scheme. Either one could be amazing for this party theme, so it’s going to be hard to choose your favorite flavor! Do so now, though, and it will point you down one path or the other and make all other choices much easier.

Since there is so much whimsical eye candy under the “On Cloud Nine” Theme to get you going, explore the other natural choice for an ‘ice cream/dreams’ theme, the creamy, dreamy pastel color scheme. Use ice cream colors like lemon sorbet, orange sherbet, pistachio green, and peppermint pink. Miss Party thinks a fresh, young, contemporary twist to the styling for this party will keep you out of the old-fashioned Victorian era ice cream parlour. Start dreaming!!

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