“Reach for the Sky!” Themed Graduation Party – It’s ‘uplifting’ for everyone!

Miss Party loves this ‘uplifting’ Graduation Party theme! Grads and parents of Graduates are optimistic, full of hope, and ready to “Reach for the Sky!” This is a vibrant, energetic color scheme of Technicolor pop art colors that will jump right out there to attract your guests!

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This very inexpensive collection of party goods happened to come from Michael’s Crafts and is a brand new arrival. Run, don’t walk, if you decide you want to do use them! Miss Party feels sure they’ll fly off the shelves. They are just too cute to stick around! Everything in the collection was actually in their “under $2” bins near the registers. The “Reach for the Sky” theme concept of a pop-art turn-of-the-century Circus could still be pulled off, though, even without them. Search on http://www.Etsy.com for vintage popcorn and peanut bags, or cute striped paper straws to add to small bottles of Coke or brightly colored sodas. Keep your colors layered in a similar way as you see in the pictures; orange and red, yellow and green, bright navy blue and white, on a ‘pool’ background. Your background should complement but not compete with the other vibrant colors, the “pool” green used works nicely.

Below is exactly the items Miss Party started with from the “Three Ring Circus” party goods collection: A package of standard blank notecards; a rubber stamp; 2 packages of party favor bags; a package of cupcake liner cups; and 2 face prop sticks. You can really do a lot with just a few items in the inspiration graphic and play them up through repeating the color scheme or latching onto the style of the graphic. In this case, there were other items to choose from that played more with the Vintage Circus theme, which Miss Party declined to incorporate as she particularly wanted to highlight the “Reach for the Sky”/hot air balloon graphic.

If you love the retro circus feeling to the graphics, you could definitely run away to join this turn-of-the-century Circus! Play up on the Vintage Circus theme with other iconic images and objects. Or you could play up the hot air balloon graphic “Reach for the Sky” phrase and bring in lots of cloud graphics and fabric patterns and stay away from a Vintage Circus theme. Or keep it modern other than the cute graphic papers and keep the colors and messages part of the inspiration of the party, but not the overall theme. Make your own Fabric Table Toppers and Table Runners to get exactly the color combinations you want. Then do the base tablecloth in a similar ‘Pool’ green.

Either way, you needs lots of Paper Pennant Garlands or Fabric Pennant Garlands, or Paper Cupcake Garlands! They would be crazy cute for your re-imagined take on a vintage/modern circus. Most families do a tent of some size in the backyard for either shade or light rain purposes, and this theme plays perfectly with a white tent. If possible, choose a tent with a raised pole to peak the ceiling then drape your garlands all through the tent ceiling and perimeter.

A Candy Buffet would be a perfect addition to this party. Use the eye-candy colors in your candy, in clear glass or plastic containers, with silver elements such as you see on the paint can or in a candy scoop. Get a couple of silver frames, and frame pictures of the Graduate to add to the table. Or do the DIY Words of Inspiration project to bring in your colors. Get scrapbooking paper in those eye-popping color and make paper cones to fill with Kettle Corn. Get vintage looking red and white peanut bags to fill with peanuts or use as your candy buffet ‘take-away’ bags.

Of course, it pretty much goes without saying that an iSCREAM Sundae Buffet would be a big hit with the teenage crowd! Do a custom table topper for the buffet table.

If you play up the vintage Circus aspect, you simply must do an elaborate Photo Shoppe booth! Think of the teens hamming it up with funny vintage Circus themed pictures of strong-armed men and parasol-twirling ladies!! Search for all sorts of turn-of-the-century props, boas, Bowler hats, clown accessories, and a few fake handlebar mustaches glued to dowels. There are so many props appropriate for this theme that would be fun for guests!

Don’t forget to take a gander at Miss Party’s Secrets to Planning the BEST EVER Graduation Party!

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