A Graduation Party Theme – The graduating Senior whines, “Why do we need one?”; the Senior Mom worries, “How do we get one?”, and the Senior Dad thinks, “How much does one cost?”

First of all, Miss Party is pleading with all High School or College Senior Moms wherever you are, who are planning a Graduation Party – please stay out of the party supply stores’ ‘Graduation Party Supply’ aisle until she has convinced you to walk away from ‘The Dark Side’ of pedestrian party planning. You don’t need generic, iconic symbols plastered all over your paper goods and invitations for someone to know WHY you’re having this party. You can do soooo much better on your own, really you can! Rise up and stand out from the crowd of graduation parties coming to your neighborhood! Dare to be unique – in a good way, of course!!

“A Graduation Party theme? Why do we need one?”, your graduating Senior is probably whining. Well, let’s look at this logically. Let’s say you take a simple expression which becomes your Graduation Party theme. You have just now turned on your party camera and it has done an auto-focus adjustment, which has made it so much easier for you to clearly see and make quick decisions on party decor, food and activity choices, because all the other gazillion choices don’t support your sharply-focused theme. Oh, let’s not forget the guest. Hmmm, which party would YOU rather go to…the one with a unique theme; clever and logical decor; food and activities that add to the fun? – or the one that does the same standard lunch menu and generic ‘Graduation Party’ themed party supplies you’ve already seen four times this spring and stand a good chance of seeing at the next four parties? Miss Party Smarty thinks it’s a ‘no-brainer’!

“A Graduation Party theme? How do we get one?”, Mom is probably worrying. Well, what you need is a catch-phrase. Anything that interests your graduate could be turned into an uplifting or optimistic catch-phrase, hence, a theme. From hobbies to sports (“They Reached the Goal!”); favorite things like ice cream or candy (“iSCREAM Dreams!” or “It’s a Sweet Life!”) to activities. Or choose an optimistic, inspirational, or uplifting phrase like, “Reach for the Sky!”, that you and your grad like generally, and then imagine what it reminds you of in a literal way. What colors does it remind you of? Or, what decoration style comes to mind to express it? You may come up with lots of possibilities, but let your Senior help guide your final selections in order to get a final party theme and plan that speaks most to who they are and what they like.

“A Graduation Party theme? How much does one cost?”, Dad is probably anxiously wondering. Well, no more than not having one will cost! One could argue that having a theme, keeps you more focused in your purchases, and, therefore, saves you money by not buying unnecessary items. With any party, someone will spend as much as you are willing to part with. On the other hand, there are lots of creative way to keep costs down by making a few things yourself instead of buying ready-made; borrowing or upcycling items instead of renting or buying them outright; or asking friends or family to help prepare the side dishes or desserts, and only having the main entree catered. Thinking party smart is thinking creatively in all areas, and wisely keeping costs to a dull roar. The smartest purchase of all, is the one you can see yourself using over and over again in the future. Some might call that justifying a purchase, but Miss Party thinks it’s a pretty good bet you’ll entertain dozens of times over the course of your life, like it or not, and acquiring good quality entertaining pieces you can pull out quickly, is spending smartly and getting the most bang for your entertaining buck. Not to mention, it makes you want to entertain more often when you can do so with the least amount of super-human effort. If you are really trying to keep the overall cost down on your party down see Miss Party’s 5 Tips to a Graduation Party “On a Shoestring”.

To review, a Graduation Party Theme: 1) will make party planning quicker and easier for the planner; 2) is much more fun and engaging for the family to plan; 3) is lots more interesting and entertaining to attend as a guest; 4) might encourage guests to stay longer if they are enjoying themselves; 5) will save money, or at least not necessarily cost more money, by not buying unnecessary items; and 6) will give you an excuse to invest in a few purchases to put into your entertaining arsenal of party supplies for future use as well.

Seems like a win-win for everyone!

What do you think?

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