“KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” Theme, Part 1 – A Bridal Shower Tea that’s spot on!!

“KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” – Seriously, could this expression be any more perfect for a Guest of Honor who is betwixt and between anxiety and anticipation about moving on to the next phase of their life!? This rather British Bridal Shower theme celebrates leaving the known, for the unknown, or next phase in life – “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON”.

Holding the Bridal Shower as a Low Tea, gives the appropriate British nod and is ever so current given the beautiful wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton! Enjoy hosting a tea for the bride-to-be that acknowledges this fascination with the Royal Family, but holds it’s own with it’s practical and appropriate message.

Miss Party happened to be out and about, and passed by this 1939 WWII British poster. Suddenly, she was struck like a bolt from the blue how appropriate this saying is for a bride-to-be! She thought about how optimistic, yet pragmatic this saying’s advice is to someone who is about to take a ‘leap of faith’. She also thought how simply – but subliminally effective – the bold red background was in making one stop for a split second to read the words. Then, she thought one more thought before her thinking was through – how fabulous this retro theme would be for an English-style ‘Low Tea’ Bridal Shower, done with a slightly humorous but contemporary twist! Wow, that was a lot of thinking for one day – but it was SO worth it!

Ever since that day, Miss Party has been possessed with bringing the “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” themed Tea Party to her loyal subjects! Unlike the British government, who never used the original poster 70 years ago, Miss Party is compelled to bring it to the light of day for Hostesses everywhere (who could probably use it’s ‘stiff upper lip’ message themselves!).

Red and white are the clear colors for this theme, but play with your proportions of red to white. Add whimsical polka dots or go the other direction and choose a more serious pattern; use other white textures or white on white patterns. Use the ‘Keep Calm…’ rubber stamp available at “The Paper Source” stores this spring, or “Michael’s Crafts”, stamped with white ink and embossed with white embossing powder, to make all sorts of small signs, cards, tags, invitations, etc. Search online for lots of ‘Keep Calm…’ items, like pencils, mugs, water bottles, journals, poster prints (frames and unframed), gift bags, and rubber stamps. “The Paper Source” has a good selection, in particular.

See “KEEP CALM and CARRY ON”, Part Two.

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