“Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! Best Friends Forever!”, Part 1 – A stylish ‘best friend’s’ theme!

Miss Party loves a party theme that plays with opposites the way “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! Best Friends Forever!” does. Who would be more fun to imagine as best friends! If you’re planning a Birthday Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, or maybe a Bachelorette Party for your BFF, this stylish and fashionable theme would be a perfect fit! Miss Party thinks it would also be cute for a 21st birthday theme, done with a contemporary vibe!

Integrate your theme, by personifying your girlfriend’s invisible BFF’s as if they helped host the party. First, we have our perfectly poised and charming girlfriend, Pearls, who lovingly calls to remind her not to be late to lunch. Next, is our sweet and lovable girlfriend, Lace, who is a bit of a Country Mouse – but in a good way! Last, only because she wants it that way, our fabulously glam girlfriend, Diamonds, who has a heart of gold and a policy of NEVER arriving on time – if there’s no audience then what’s the point of a dramatic entrance?

In terms of your color scheme, this party obviously has a strong accent on white. Miss Party Smarty would love to see a vibrant, pop color (which loves white lace, preppy pearls and glamorous diamonds) like a deep yellow, turquoise blue, green, hot pink, salmon pink, or purple – with touches of black or a black/white pattern (zebra?) for something fun. Choose the vibrant accent color you’re most attracted to, a favorite of the Guest of Honor, or just happens to be popular this season.

Take a look at “Paper Lace” Inspiration for lots of ideas for decorating with paper lace and lace doilies. Decorate all your table surfaces with paper lace flowers and doily liners under party bowls and trays. Use Diamond-cut Crystal Jewels to make table surfaces sparkle and drape jeweled or mirrored garlands for additional eye level sparkle. Use lots of inexpensive strands of pearls as well. Think about ways to embellish table signs or trays with stick-on 1/2 pearl and rhinestone embellishments. Make lots of Glitterized Decorated Clips (see tutorial) to hold table signs and for other uses. Also, see “Glam Theme-Storm” for lots more inspirational ideas!

Put together beautiful pearl or rhinestone encrusted framed pictures of your Guest of Honor! It isn’t difficult to plan a short photo session and touch up the photos on your home computer with photo software such as ‘iPhoto’, then change the photos to black and white and print using good quality photo paper. See more details on this idea in “DIY Hollywood-Themed Tabletop Frames“.

Continue onto “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! Best Friends Forever!”, Part 2.

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