“Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! A Girl’s Best Friends!” Theme, Part 1 – A teen birthday theme!

Miss Party loves a party theme that plays with opposites the way this one does. Who would be more fun to imagine as best friends than pearls, lace and diamonds! If you’re planning a Sweet Sixteen, 18th or 21st Birthday Party for your daughter and inviting all her BFF’s, this stylish but classic-vintage-glam theme, all rolled into one – would be a perfect fit!

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To help integrate the theme, personify her three invisible ‘best friends’ and act as if they helped to prepare for the party by including them on food dishes, beverages and activities. First, we have her perfectly poised and charming girlfriend, Pearls, who lovingly calls to remind your daughter not to be late to lunch. Next, is her sweet and lovable girlfriend, Lace, who is a bit of a Country Mouse – but in a good way. Last, only because she wants it that way, her fabulously glam girlfriend, Diamonds, who has a heart of gold and a policy of NEVER arriving on time – if there’s no audience then what’s the point of a dramatic entrance?

In terms of your color scheme for this party it, obviously, has a strong accent on white. Miss Party Smarty would love to see a vibrant, pop color like a deep yellow, turquoise blue, green, hot pink, salmon pink, or purple – with touches of black or a black/white pattern (zebra?) for something fun. Choose the vibrant accent color you or the birthday girl is partial to or happens to be popular this season. Of course, add lots of glitter and sparkle wherever you can. You can find lots of glittered scrapbooking papers and fabrics that will really get you going! Make decor choices based on what one of the three friends would like – classic and preppy, “Pearls”; sweet and vintage, “Lace”; and glamorous, “Diamonds”.

For your buffet table, start with a white or black tablecloth. Miss Party likes a deep yellow for the accent color for this party, so for description purposes she’ll use that color (just replace your chosen accent color if not yellow). Make a wide black/white print runner from 2 yards of fabric that will be laid to hang front to back on the long sides of the table. Cut a shallow ‘V’ for front and back of the runner’s cut ends and trim the entire runner with yellow grosgrain ribbon. Alternatively, iron under a hem along the long sides of the runner (glue down with a thin stream of fabric glue), and just add the yellow grosgrain ribbon along the front/back ‘V’ edges. Add lace, pearls (1/2 pearls, or strings of pearls), and diamond rhinestones to embellish the ‘V’ edges. Top off the point of each ‘V’ with a large yellow ribbon bow (see ‘No-Sew’ Fabric Table Toppers and Runners). Another trim you might consider adding is a Marabou boa (you can occasionally find them as a trim in craft stores, or just buy a costume boa in the accent color). This would be really cute (whipstitched or safety pinned from the under side) along the two long sides of the runner, in which case you would likely need two boas.

Continue on to “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds!”, Part 2 and “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds”, Part 3.

Also, see “Glam Theme-Storm” for more inspirational ideas!

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