Fragrant Fabric and Paper Flowers – They’re heaven ‘scent’!

Fabric and paper flowers are so easy to make and incorporate into your party decor! A ladies brunch, luncheon or shower would be the perfect event for them. If you have purchased or made fabric and/or paper flowers for your party, Miss Party wants you to consider scenting them. As you randomly place your fabric flowers on your tables, tucked against the centerpieces and around other objects; scent them with a beautiful floral fragrance. As a guest comes closer to one of the flowers, they will catch a whiff of the scent or they might even pick up the flower to admire it and notice the fragrance. It’s a small, but delightful detail!

Room sprays come in a wide variety of fragrances and are easily found at home goods stores or stores that sell other scented products. Choose a non-specific floral scent that attracts you if you have a variety of styles of flowers or the flowers are more impressionistic, like the Ruffle-edge Style Fabric Flowers. If you have made flowers that look like a particular flower, like the Rose-style Fabric Flowers, then choose a spray scented like that flower.

See Fabric Flowers and How to Use Them for ideas on how to incorporate fabric flowers specifically and the ‘Paper Lace‘ theme for lots of ways to make and incorporate paper flowers into party decor. You could even work this ‘scent’ concept further into a sub-theme for your party or event, with a “MYO ‘Signature’ Scent” Station, by offering the supplies and scent choices for them to make their own scented toiletry products or cologne.

Enjoy the heaven ‘scent’ fragrance!

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