“Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! Best Friends Forever!”, Part 2 – A stylish ‘Best Friends’ theme!

This is a continuation of “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds! Best Friends Forever”, Part 1.

For your buffet table, start with a white or black tablecloth. Miss Party likes a deep yellow for the accent color for this party, so for description purposes she’ll use that color (just replace your chosen accent color if not yellow). Make a wide black/white print runner from 2 yards of fabric that will be laid to hang front to back on the long sides of the table. Cut a shallow ‘V’ for front and back of the runner’s cut ends and trim the entire runner with yellow grosgrain ribbon.

Alternatively, iron under a hem along the long sides of the runner (glue down with a thin stream of fabric glue), and just add the yellow grosgrain ribbon along the front/back ‘V’ edges. Add lace, pearls (1/2 pearls, or strings of pearls), and diamond rhinestones to embellish the ‘V’ edges. Top off the point of each ‘V’ with a large yellow ribbon bow (see ‘No-Sew’ Fabric Table Toppers and Runners). Another trim you might consider adding is a Marabou boa (can occasionally be found as a trim in craft stores, or just buy a costume boa in the accent color). This would be really cute (whipstitched or safety pinned from the under side) along the two long sides of the runner.

Prep a “GLAM your Glass” to let guests have fun decorating their own wine or beverage glass. Get lots of sparkly stick-on rhinestones and 1/2 pearls for embellishing the glasses. Then, pre-attach a 4 inch doily to the bottom of each glass with double stick tape to get them started. This is a really fun ice breaker to get guests chatting with each other as they decorate their glass or comment on each other’s handiwork.

If you’d prefer not to dedicate an entire station to embellishing glasses, do it for your guests ahead of time. Pre attach a 4 inch paper doily to the bottom of your glass with double stick tape. If using wine glasses, make customized Wine Glass Charms threaded with pearl beads or mini ‘diamond’ jewel ornaments which have a hole for threading your wire ring (usually sold in the vase filler/wedding supply aisle of a craft store). You might also like to include other ‘fashion’ themed silver or gold charms for fun. Slip a bunch of the charm rings on each stemmed glass to mimic bracelet bangles.

Or another idea FABULOUS wine glass jewelry idea that has lots of sparkle factor, is jeweled wine glass bracelets! Make them ahead and prep the wine glasses ahead of the party. See ‘DIY Jeweled Wine Glass Bracelets‘ for all the details. If your guest list isn’t too long, make enough to put two or three on each wine glass stem to imitate the current fashion trend of wearing bracelets in multiples. You’ll love them!!

For fun beverages, offer three non-alcoholic mocktail punch beverages, which you appropriately rename – “Pearls’ Perfectly Perfect Punch” (which is actually Planter’s Punch or something similar), “Lace’s Old-Fashioned Lemonade” (whatever lemonade recipe you like or try French Lemonade or Limonata Punch) and “Diamonds’ Glampagne” (‘Champagne Punch’).

Be sure to make cards with the name of each mocktail and attach them to the container, the guests will enjoy the references to the theme and trying each of them. It might be fun for guests to ‘vote’ for whomever prepared their favorite beverage. Make up pre-printed slips of paper with either “Pearls”, “Lace” or “Diamonds”. Guest can choose their favorite drink and drop the corresponding paper slip into a small decorated hat box or container for tallying later in the party.

With food displays, line the food trays with lots of paper lace doilies. For dessert, make “Paper Lace” Flower Cake/Food Picks for adorable cupcake toppers. Order or make a bowl of edible ‘Pearls’ (cover Rice Krispies Treats or ‘cake balls’ with pre-made white fondant icing, made in ‘2-bite’ sized balls or made into slightly larger balls as Pops. Roll them in white coarse sanding sugar for sparkle.

If you want to go ‘all out’ or some level thereof, decorate a “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds!” cake that will ‘Wow!’ your guests. Make or order an inexpensive layer cake done in white icing, piped in your accent color or all-white frosting. Now you’ll take this ordinary cake to an extraordinary cake! Make lots of “Paper Lace” flowers in a variety of sizes, probably 1 dz of the smallest size, 6-8 medium size and 2-3 of the largest size. From a craft store in candymaking and wedding aisles, purchase 1 container of white coarse sanding sugar glitter, one set of plastic ‘diamonds’ usually marketed as mini ornaments, and 1 or 2 inexpensive strands of craft or dress-up pearls. Wash all the ‘diamonds’ (remove cord hangers) and pearls with dish washing liquid soap and wipe dry; bag in a clean zipper baggie.

Up to 1 hour before the party starts, embellish the cake. Place the cake on your cake platter which is covered by a large paper lace doily. Sprinkle the entire top layer of icing with coarse white sanding sugar for a subtle sparkle (only sugar the flat surface of the top layer, work around any icing embellishments).

Next, place the largest lace flower in the center of the top layer. Continue placing the flowers so they flow from the center of the cake’s top layer, curve around towards the edge, spill over the edge of the top layer, and cascade down to the cake plate which is also lined with a large paper doily. Then, place your pearls in an artistic way, drape them casually over the edge, following the same lines as the floral cascade. Place the second strand of pearls. Last come the ‘diamonds’; thoughtfully place the diamonds, tucking them in with the lace flowers here and there, following the same cascading lines. “Voila!”, you have a gorgeous (and reasonably priced) custom “Pearls, Lace and Diamonds!”cake! When cutting the cake, you can remove the embellishments from the individual pieces as you go, or point out the diamonds to the guests as you hand them their slice. After the party, remove all embellishments and wash the pearls and diamonds with soapy water.

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