‘Truly Unruly Cards’ Centerpiece – Perfect for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party or a Mad Tea Party!

This ‘Truly Unruly Cards’ centerpiece is so fun for a touch of whimsy on a Mad Tea Party table, or in a smaller version, perfect for a welcome table at an “Alice in Wonderland” themed party! Miss Party wanted the card sculpture to somewhat imitate the John Tenniel illustration from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” of poor Alice being attacked by the Queen of Hearts’ Guards. Since it uses actual playing cards, it captures the authenticity needed for an adult or teen ‘Alice’ themed party done in a vintage or toned-down whimsical style, but it works perfectly for a kids Disney-fied ‘Alice’ themed party, just as well. Come to think of it, Miss Party thinks it would also be a fun centerpiece for a game night party or casino/poker themed party!

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Collect 2-3 packs of (preferably red-backed playing cards, though you’ll see Miss Party threw in a few blue-backed cards too). Take advantage of a great opportunity to use old decks of cards that might have a card or two missing! You’ll also need a pair of craft scissors, a hot glue gun, and glue sticks. Unfortunately, Miss Party can’t really explain step-by-step how to make this piece. Each final project will be assembled in a different way, but using the same basic process. You’ll need about an hour for a large piece similar to the one in the pics as you’ll keep adding a card here and there, then stopping to assess where to put the next card, and so on.

Get a sense of how Miss Party assembled the ‘Truly Unruly Cards’ centerpiece by studying the images. You will begin by building two substantial bases. Then add cards here and there on each base to continue towards building an arch that stretches between the two bases, eventually connecting the two. As you go you’ll need to add counter-weight to the bases. Miss Party also built up a ‘tail’ of cards going off each base in the other direction from the arch for two reasons. One, to give the bases weight and two, to give the Card Guards the feeling of motion, similar to a bouncing ball.

Study the pictures a bit and you’ll see some cards are attached directly to other cards with hot glue and some are attached to other cards via cuts made at different angles. For the cut cards, run a stream of hot glue to the cut on the interior-facing side of the card and attach to another uncut card’s side. Vary the angles and side of the cards you make the cuts, as well.

Note: This centerpiece is likely a one-time use, it isn’t incredibly durable and wind would affect it’s ability to stay upright so it is best used indoors or outdoors in a sheltered location. If you are holding your party outdoors and it turns out to be a windy day, you might place it indoors in a location guests will pass on their way to your party space such as an entryway table or as they go to a powder room. With all that said, it’s fun and interesting to look at and inexpensive to make. It would add greatly to any ‘Alice’ decor!!


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