Behind the Scenes of a Mad Tea Party – Miss Party is mad about her “Teetering Teacups”!

Miss Party has been working hard on conquering her “Teetering Teacups” centerpieces for the upcoming Mad Tea Party that got the best of her awhile back! You might remember about two months ago she told you the juicy story of the terrible clatter in the middle of the night. She sprang from her bed to see what was the matter! Away to the parlor she flew like a flash – only to find her lovely stacks of teacups in bits and pieces! It was all quite heartbreaking and she couldn’t stomach going back to the project for awhile.

With the Mad Tea Party bearing down upon her, however, she knew she must tackle it again. Armed with a new resolve (and a new type of glue), she’ll soon be able to share the lovely results. Each centerpiece, of course, is one-of-a-kind and they are GORGEOUS!! She can’t wait for the final touch of fresh flowers and button mushrooms on the day of the event to really put them over the top.

Even more exciting for all you Mad Hatter and Alice lovers, though, is this bit of news: after the Mad Tea Party has been held a couple of weeks from now, Miss Party will post a giveaway for one of the “Teetering Teacups” centerpieces!! You will be able to enter by posting a comment on the Teetering Teacups Giveaway post telling Miss Party how you will use the centerpiece if you win and what you like best about! A winner will be chosen randomly by a third party.

Check back in a day or two for several Teetering Teacups Tutorials (because she has several variations) with lots of pretty, pretty pictures. Then, keep your eyes open for the “Teetering Teacups” Giveaway Post the last week of June!

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