Mad Tea Party Collage Centerpiece – The more the merrier!

A Mad Tea Party table is quite unlike any other! It involves thinking in a different way. The more mismatched, odd or whimsical the items on it, the better. ALL manner of unrelated objects and knick-knacks might be found on it – some used in obscure ways, some chipped, some big, some tiny, all colors! There isn’t a wrong way. As the Cheshire Cat would say, ‘Every way is the right way’! Objects of a shabby chic, vintage garden nature, or Victorian English style look perfectly at home together. This eclectic and whimsical, but artfully disarrayed, tea table looks completely random but actually, is anything but random. Bring it on, the more the merrier!!

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Above, you see three sides to one small table of four at the Mad Tea Party. As you can see each guest’s perspective of the centerpiece collage is quite different than the other’s. You can see all types of bottles (some from India, some English, some antique and some new), framed illustrations and tea-stained quotes from ‘Alice in Wonderland’, miscellaneous objects and knick-knacks, china or glass animals, bookends, clocks, vases with fresh and silk flowers, small potted flowers or plants (silk or real), stacked teacups and saucers, teapots, beribboned keys, “Drink Me” tags, full-size and miniature playing cards and rose petals. On some of the other tables you would also see various hand-held magnifying glasses, small baskets, various china rabbits, pocket watches, a bird’s nest, oversized teacup planters with flowers, wood and silver candlesticks, chess pieces, and doll house furniture.

Miss Party recommends collecting up all you might have in your own personal collection of objects, first. Then, regularly stopping in at garage sales or secondhand stores to supplement the collection inexpensively. (While at those stores or garage sales, also look for super cheap mismatched china to fill in to what you already own.) Be sure to make several “Teetering Teacups” Centerpieces to add to the full collage of objects on your table(s). Have fun!

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