Behind the Scenes of a ‘Summer Fiesta’ – A Fiesta with a modern twist!

Well, Miss Party is pooped! Yesterday, was her (almost) annual summer party with lots of friends and family and it was a great success! Once again, the weather was predicted to be very iffy, so the food tables were set up inside and space was prepared for everyone to be inside for the duration. Of course, since we were ready to be inside the whole time, the weather turned out to be gorgeous for the entire afternoon! During the height of the party, guests moved out onto the deck and terrace to enjoy the sun which we hadn’t seen for days. That helped ease out the space inside and it all worked out very nicely.

Miss Party’s hubby has been wanting to do a Salsa Bar at one of our summer parties for a few years, so she thought it would be fun to work the rest of the menu around the Salsa Bar and do a Tex-Mex ‘inspired’ menu (the Party Smarty family also LOVES barbeque). Of course, Miss Party never met a theme she didn’t like so she kept going with that idea and the party turned into a ‘Summer Fiesta’! One of the odd things that happens when she has a theme is that it seems like suddenly just the right things for the party theme appear as if by magic! (Of course, those things were already there and she just wasn’t aware of them, but it never fails to delight Miss Party when it happens!)

From the beginning, Miss Party was possessed with using her denim flowers she made this spring so she knew denim table toppers or tablecloths had to be a part of the plan. Many times fabric inspires Miss Party’s party decor so she was over the moon when she came across the perfect fabric right away for a Tex-Mex Fiesta! As you see in the pic, it’s a beautiful Mexican-inspired floral fabric done with oranges, light yellow, lime greens, and lots of blue on a rich, dark red background. It reminded her of a lovely Mexican tile and it was perfect to pair with denim and keep that Texas feeling in the mix. So, not knowing exactly HOW she wanted to use the fabric, she bought 7 yards of it and pigeon-holed it away with her denim flowers.

The second thing Miss Party knew was that she wanted to keep the ‘Fiesta’ more contemporary than retro cliche’, and more Mexican than Texan. She wanted it to be casual and summery, but also sophisticated and contemporary. Imagine a beautiful resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, doing a Fiesta as opposed to a retro 50s backyard Texas BBQ; both are wonderful they’re just different. She picked up gorgeous handmade, Mexican blown-glass candle hurricanes and tea light holders; a drink pitcher and lots of bowls. Then worked these into various areas of the party to give that Mexican flavor along with the floral and denim fabrics. They were just beautiful and really added to the ambience.

Well, Miss Party needs a day to recover from all this partying and then she’ll do a complete ‘Summer Fiesta’ Theme post. Adios amigos!!

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