“GLAM Your Glass!” Station, Part 1 – Guests bling their beverage glass!

A “GLAM your Glass!” station is such a fun ice breaker activity and conversation starter for adults or teens that goes over particularly well at a “ladies only” type of party – we ladies do love our bling! This idea obviously works well with a wine glass where wine will be served like a Cocktail Party, but can be adjusted and just as fun for a non-alcoholic party, and works fine with clear plastic glasses also. Miss Party thinks it’s a stand-out station for a Shower; Ladies Luncheon; Girls’ Night; or Book Club gathering. Fun for a Pre-Prom “Mocktail Party”, too! We don’t want to exclude the menfolk entirely from the fun, so at a coed event have masculine embellishment options, too.

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You might want to let the guests take home their wine glass creation. If so, check around for sets of inexpensive wine glasses. Be sure to be clear with guests that they may keep their wine glass at the end of the evening. Perhaps make up a basket of paper towels (to wipe out excess wine) and paper wine tote bags (for carrying away their glass).

Supplies needed:

1. Collect all your glass wine glasses, determine if you need to rent glasses. It’s very easy and reasonable to rent a tray of 25 glasses and so much nicer to drink from than plastic. (When finished with rentals, don’t wash glasses, just remove decorations and pour out any excess liquid.) This activity works with plastic glasses as well, just a little challenging to remove embellishments you want to recycle before glasses are thrown away.

2. Make signs: one framed sign in large print “GLAM Your Glass!” to announce the activity. A few other names for this station: “BEDAZZLE Your Beverage!”, “BLING Your Beverage!” or “DAZZLE Your Drink!”. Make a sign with simple directions, such as, “Please enjoy personalizing your glass! Use the glue dots to attach embellishments. Make a few wine glass charms, too! Thread beads onto a wire ring and bend back the wire’s tip to keep your beads in place. Slip bracelet around the stem of your glass. It’ll be fun to see everyone else’s glass, too!”; also make signs for “Waste” and “Glue Dots”.

See the continuation of this post in “GLAM Your Glass!”, Part 2.

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