Wizard Shopping – A party activity for witches and wizards!

Well, life seems to be turning around in the wizarding world with you-know-who out of the picture, but Harry sure has been through some trying times! When Miss Party has trying times, she just goes shopping for a little retail therapy…it might work for your witches and wizards, too!

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To assist you in navigating the details of such an unusual excursion, Miss Party is here at the ready with suggestions and assistance with what is sure to be included on your wizard-themed party schedule –a magical shopping visit to picturesque, snow-covered, “Hogsmeade Village”, or world-class shopping on “Diagon Alley”, believed to be located somewhere in London.

If you haven’t already taken Miss Party’s advice from the original “Wizard Theme” post, go to http://www.HarryPotter.wikia.com, to find out about all things related to wizarding shopping. Run a search for the two locations where almost all wizarding shopping occurs, “Hogsmeade Village”, or “Diagon Alley”. Of course no one at the party would expect you to represent all of the shops in “Hogsmeade” or “Diagon Alley” (maybe your own child!), but it will give you what you need to get started.

The lists include the correct names of the shops, what they offer in merchandise or what service they perform. Print off the list of whichever location appeals more with the Guest of Honor and work with them to come up with a reasonable number of shops to have in your version and ideas of what to sell or do at each. Dreaming and scheming up the merchandise for each store or service to offer is part of the fun of the planning, so be sure to include the party girl or boy on this part!

WARNING! WARNING! — Proceed with caution! Pinpoint, razor-sharp accuracy is required by all TRUE Witches and Wizards! Your little Muggle feet may be held to the fire to achieve the necessary authenticity! It has been strongly recommended that you not mix up the shops from the two different locations as it would greatly disturb Pottermaniacs. In the words of one of Miss Party’s self-proclaimed Experts, “It’s not how good it looks, but how accurate it is, that matters!”

When you eventually have some ideas for the merchandise your shops will ‘sell’, begin collecting each item: small, inexpensive toys; candies and confections; handmade wands, whatever you can find. For example, for one of the joke shops, you might purchase small practical jokes or magic tricks. If one of your shops sells confections, again do a little research for a recipe or make up your own variation of that sweet. If the shop provides a service, think up a similar service that you can provide; for example, in the hairdressing salon, offer quick manicures or nail decals; in a shop that sells wizarding robes, have all sorts of wizard dress up robes and accessories and make that a Photo Shoppe stop.

Purchase inexpensive table frames and prepare a sign for each shop. Make small tent signs with the price in Galleons, Sickles or Knuts for each item. Work out a display for the merchandise or service. Think through all of the items you might need for each shop and bag them together along with that shop’s merchandise, signs and table covering. Label the bag with the shop’s name. Set up will go quickly if you’re organized now!

Of course, your Muggle-born witches and wizards will need wizarding currency to do their shopping! If your local bank is fresh out, Miss Party has you covered! See DIY Ancient Currency, for a super fun, pre-party project for the whole family or it could be offered as a party activity. Prepare or purchase drawstring, velvet bags to hold the coins while they are shopping. The kids will love making their own currency and, if they like to play make-believe, they will use it long after the party, too.

Have fun imagining all the possibilities!


Self-proclaimed, unofficial ‘Harry Potter’ Experts:
Tessa Komine
Bethany Komine


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This and any other posts on MissParty.net are unofficial and unauthorized. It is not authorized, approved, licensed, or endorsed by J.K. Rowling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

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