HOW to Brew Turkish Tea – Hot, strong and full of flavor!

In Istanbul, Turks drink their favorite cay (pronounced: chai) grown near the Black Sea in Rize and they drink it with reckless abandon morning, noon, afternoon, and night! . (Apple Tea elma cay is also popular.) It is their ‘anytime is the right time’ beverage of choice. They always take their tea in small, uniquely Turkish, tulip-shaped glasses. To brew tea in the traditional Turkish method you’ll need a Turkish double teapot and loose Turkish black tea or other loose tea of your choice.

1) Place a handful of tea leaves in the smaller of the two teapots. Add just enough water to wet the leaves. Fill the larger, bottom kettle with water (don’t replace the lid). Place the small kettle on top of the larger kettle, making sure the small teapot fits tightly on top of the larger. Bring water to a boil.

2) Pour boiling water into the smaller teapot.

3) Again, add cold water to the larger kettle, replace the smaller kettle on top and bring to a boil again. This second boils, steeps the tea a second time.

4) Pour tea from the small teapot into a tea cup, filling halfway; dilute with hot water from the larger teapot until desired strength (put top on larger teapot to keep the water hot as long as possible. Replenish hot water in the smaller teapot (the tea will continue brewing while the poured tea is being consumed). Enjoy!

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