“Bubble Gum Brite!” Theme – Pick from a fresh palette of brights!

If you’re looking for a little relief from all the pastels and vintage lace this spring and summer, go for a thoroughly modern party planned around ONE or ALL of these gorgeous, electric colors –scarlet red, blood-red orange, canary yellow, emerald green, royal purple, fuchsia, or cobalt blue. You’ve probably takne note of the recent fashion palettes of intensely saturated shades and electric hues! The 80s colors are coming through loud and clear at the high school dance and there’s not a wallflower amongst them!

The new idea here, is in the intensity of the chosen color. You’re going for the ‘so vibrant it’s almost vibrating, but not florescent’ shade(s). They’re exciting and have great energy for a party atmosphere. They just scream FUN!!

If you can’t choose just one delicious, mouth-watering color, go with a “Bubble Gum Brite!” assortment of bright and happy colors! Of course, a candy buffet or ice cream sundae station works beautifully for this party theme and really brings the color palette to the forefront. This bouncy, happy, ‘knock-your-socks-off’ theme can be done for any age really, with a few adjustments here and there to make it more child-oriented or whimsically adult-oriented.

Make candy your sub-theme (or the other way around) and incorporate it into your decor in place of typical embellishments; for example, use paper-backed candy dots in place of ribbon to wrap around a centerpiece container or use brightly colored gum balls as vase filler in large, clear glass vases with narrow interior cylinders to hold fresh flowers. Check out Dylan Lauren’s (Ralph Lauren’s daughter) wedding pics in the September issue of “In Style” magazine, or on the Dylan’s Candy Bar website, www.dylanscandybar.com, to see some gorgeous decor ideas for doing a whimsical, elegant, adult version of a rainbow party palette/candy theme.

Another take on a color-themed party, is to make one color the theme or star of the show, but in this case, you want the brightest shade available in your chosen color. To do a color theme right, it’s all about submitting to the power of ONE; one color, that is! All the party decor and goods should be in that single, solid pop of color with a neutral base color for everything else (most often black or white), and maybe just a little metallic thrown in for sparkle. Your results can be breathtaking without necessarily spending more. You just need to make intentional choices that support your color theme and styling.

Besides the decor, invitations and party goods, consider doing a single-color dessert or candy buffet. You’ve probably come across lots of photo spreads of contemporary, one-color candy and dessert buffets on other party planning websites which can give you lots of eye candy for inspiration. (Take a look at one of the masters of this look, Amy Atlas. Her website showcases some of her gorgeous dessert tables.)

Here’s some eye candy inspiration to get you started:

See A Candy Buffet: 15 sugary tips to a great candy buffet, for a step-by-step on how to put together a gorgeous candy buffet.

See MYO iSCREAM Sundae Buffet for a ‘how to’ on setting up a fabulous ice cream sundae station.

See “On Cloud Nine” – A Whimsical High School Graduation Party , for lots of ideas on doing a rainbow color palette.

See “KEEP CALM and Carry On!” Theme – A tea party or ladies luncheon that’s spot on!”, for an example of how powerful a one-color party decor can be.

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