MYO Tabletop Natural Wood Risers – Tree Slices are au naturel!

If you’re looking for a natural touch for your food or beverage tables, think about using wood tree slice risers! They are rustic, beautiful and versatile! You may have occasionally admired them in stylized party photos but didn’t know how to acquire them for your own fete. Miss Party would have loved them at her camping themed co-ed wedding shower many, many a moon ago. Well, Miss Party just wants to enlighten you that it’s really quite easy to purchase tree slices online or you might even be able to make your own!

What party themes work to incorporate wood tree slices?

Nature or organic themes (styled in a clean, modern way, or in a folksy, retro or vintage way)
Outdoorsy sport or activity themes – Camping, hiking, fishing, biking, scouting, backpacking, exploring, etc.
Vintage adventure theme
Seasonal themes- spring, summer, fall, or winter (for winter, birch tree slices pretty with faux snowflakes around the slices)
Wine and Cheese Tasting, outdoor vineyard theme (rustic styling)
Beer Tasting/Oktoberfest theme (rustic, retro or masculine styling)
Masculine or co-ed party or boy baby shower to add a masculine touch of decor
Feminine themed party or shower, to add a ‘tomboy’ touch to an otherwise feminine decor

The slices are perfect to use like a platter to hold small, individually-sized desserts (set in paper liners) like cupcakes or tarts. Or, use a paper doily slightly smaller than the diameter of the tree slice as a protective layer between the food and the wood. Use a variety of heights of tree slices as risers for platters. A very large tree slice could be used as a cake platter for a large, round celebratory cake. Set a short tree slice on top of a cake plate or pedestal as you see in the image below. You could also purchase or cut a variety of heights of narrow tree trunk sections to use as gorgeous, natural pillar candlesticks.

So, how do you make them yourself? Here’s the skinny…if you have access to a recently downed tree or two (like we do here in New England after Hurricane Irene’s clean up) and a chain saw, cut them yourself if you’re comfortable using the saw or arrange to have risers cut for you. Have 6-10 slices cut in various heights and widths to give you plenty of options. You can sand them smooth, if desired, or leave them rough (just knock down any sharp edges with sandpaper). If you want them to last longer, apply a sealer coat of clear polyurethane. If you need to straighten a riser that may have been cut at a slight angle, use felt chair pads to make the adjustment.

If there’s nary a downed tree in sight, don’t despair! Tree slices can be purchased at party/event decorator supply websites. Find your options by doing a quick search for “tree slice risers”. Slices are available in various types of trees, as well as in different widths and heights. Miss Party has even seen tree slices with engraved sayings on the top of the wood slice.

Go au naturel!

What do you think?

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