MYO Party Inspiration Board – It’ll keep you inspired and focused!

A party inspiration board is a must for any of Miss Party’s big parties or events! If you have big plans on the back burner, start yourself off right by making your own board. They’re fun to put together and are exactly what they’re called…inspirational!

An inspiration board can help you keep true to the style and color scheme you wanted when you began your party planning and you’ll keep from getting sidetracked and confused as time goes on. Your board reminds you of your end goal when you get out in the big, wide world of overwhelming party decor choices and keeps you from muddling the waters with things that don’t support your intended look. Think of it like it’s that really good friend that isn’t afraid to tell you that the oh-so-chic, pea green sweater you’re trying on makes you look like death warmed over under the florescent lights, but in the nicest sort of way!

An inspiration board is even more important to have if anyone else is working with you (co-planner or committee) or for you. It will help them QUICKLY understand your vision and minimize misunderstandings. So, even if a party planner is handling the party or individual parts of the party are being outsourced, it will help you be sure everyone is on the same page and has the same vision. Again, it’s like bringing a photo of a new hairstyle you want to your hairdresser. You’re exponentially more likely to leave with the hairstyle you want, than if you didn’t bring the photo. The particular vision and point-of-view your inspiration board creates, really is worth a thousand words!

If you’re tech savvy you can make an inspiration board digitally on lots of websites like, pulling in images from all over the big, wide web. Or do a physical inspiration board, which Miss Party prefers to do. Yes, it’s old school-style, but she wants a place for all the physical items that are just as important as the pretty pictures and take it with her on party shopping trips. She attaches ribbons; key fabrics, papers or patterns; the invitation; drawings, and images of similarly styled parties or table decor. Anything that visually illustrates how Miss Party wants the party to look or feel, goes on her inspiration board.

So, how do you make an Inspiration Board? It’s really very simple….

1) Cut a full sheet of poster board in half. Fold one of the pieces in half (save the other piece for your next big party).

2) Collect up anything you have so far that helps to visualize the party’s decor. Save an invitation just for this project. Try to find ribbons that represent the party’s colors. Search magazines, books and the web for examples of similarly styled parties or with a theme similar to what you are going for. Look for project ideas you’d like to try. Print, copy or tear them out. Cut samples of fabrics or papers you plan to use.

3) Get out your scissors and glue stick, it’s arts and crafts time!! Group decor ideas together, project ideas together, add the invitation and party colors, and add any other fabrics or papers that are key. Glue everything in place.

Your inspiration board is a work in progress, add or subtract as time goes by and plans shift and change. Your storyboard will start as a fantasy, but keep it current as you go along so it’s non-fiction when the big decisions need to be made later in the planning.

Give it a try, you REALLY won’t regret it!

What do you think?

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