Halloween Themes, Part 4 – Not-so-scary fun!

This “Halloween Themes” post stands alone, but is actually a continuation of “Halloween Themes, Part 1, 2 and 3 – Wicked fun!” If you are interested in something more scary than what you see below, there are lots of awesomely spooky themes to be found there. Don’t be afraid to check them out, they won’t bite!

Part 4 post is a ‘treat’ of non-scary, slightly spooky or even beautiful ideas for Halloween parties. Halloween is all about the tricks AND the treats, the evil AND the good. Amongst all the scary, gory Halloween decor, Halloween also has a festive, pretty, colorful side, too.

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For the very young, do a low key, non-scary Halloween party that everyone, parents included, will thoroughly enjoy. We all want our children to anticipate the holiday with excitement, not dread, at these tender ages. Preschool trick-or-treaters are still trying to figure out what this crazy holiday is all about and they’ve barely gotten the hang of parties, in general. They don’t need a lot of ‘tricks’ to have a good time!

For slightly older kids, roughly 5-8 years, a spooky (but still not too scary), themed Halloween party can be a lot of fun. At this age, they’ve figured out the gist of the holiday and anticipate it with great enthusiasm. Most kids have realized they’ll survive the scariest scene the neighbors can dream up on Halloween night and that being a little scared is actually part of the fun!

A couple of fun Halloween themed games and a costume contest adds greatly to the festivities! An easy icebreaker is, “Best Guess!” Purchase an inexpensive glass candy jar (with a top) and enough small Halloween colored candies to fill the jar. Fill the candy jar with the COUNTED candies. Write the total on a paper you fold up and tape to the bottom of the candy jar. As each guest arrives, have them write their best guess of the quantity of candy in the container, along with their name on a slip of paper. At the end of the party, gather the kids together and figure out the closest guess. Award the guest with the closest guess the container of candy. This is also a good time to hand out a party favor to everyone else so everyone leaves with a little something!


DISNEY’S NOT-SO-SCARY HALLOWEEN PARTY – Invite all the guests to come as their favorite Disney character! Have a Disney Character Parade through the neighborhood during the party. Re-theme classic party games to include Disney movies and characters, such as Snow White’s Bobbing for Apples Game. (Make sure there’s a few of the deliciously evil characters represented! Keep Halloween decor fun and classic, use primarily black, orange and green.)

MISCHIEVOUS SKELETONS – Mischievous skeletons have crashed your Halloween party! They’re lounging on your buffet table, taking up the good chairs, and, generally, being pests! (Posable skeletons of all sizes should be at the entrance, party space and lounging on the food table, posed in all manner of silly, humorous positions, some with props. All other Halloween decor should be spooky fun and classic; skeleton themed paper goods.)

THE GYPSY HALLOWEEN CARAVAN – A gypsy caravan has camped out on your property. They’re a lively, fun-loving and colorful bunch of jovial gypsies. Visit their caravan and share some treats with them. Don’t miss a visit with the old Fortune Teller! (Decor colors: black, orange, purple and green. Gypsy-style decor, lots of colorful scarves and large pieces of fabric draped on furniture. Need at least one gypsy character and a Fortune Teller.) See “Wicked Gypsies Halloween Theme – It foretells a grim future for all who attend!”

WIZARDS AND WITCHES – The boy-who-shall-not-be-named has invited all your wizards and witches to visit his wizarding school for an evening of merriment! Students, wands up! Prepare for the imminent arrival of our guests! (Medieval castle-style decor, create an illuminated ‘Great Hall’ for the food and party space. Invite guests to dress as witches and wizards. For ideas, see “Wizard Theme”, “Wizard Shopping”, “DIY Wandmaking 101” and “DIY Ancient Currency”.

MAD SCIENTIST’S LABORATORY – Transport guests to the laboratory of a wacky, mad Scientist! This silly Scientist can’t wait to show guests his next great discovery! (Make lots of specimen jars full of pretend body and animal parts by getting creative with vegetables, colored water, dry cooking ingredients and creative labels (nothing graphic or gross); animals, insects or birds in cages or jars; display scientific tools. Use an old, white sheet to cover the food/operation table. In a separate room, create a blacklit, glow-in-the-dark, mad lab as a fun side visit for guests. Have a goofy, white-haired Scientist costumed character at the party.)

TRICKS OR TREATS – A 50s-60s style, retro Halloween party is old-school classic! Play 50s-60 party games like ‘Musical Chairs’ with a silly Halloween song or ‘Bobbing for Apples’. (Use classic paper-mache jack-o-lanterns and plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins, black and orange paper chains, paper lanterns, crepe paper streamers and tissue paper poms. Pay close attention to editing OUT contemporary Halloween decor to get this look right (unless you are going for a retro-modern look). Look at home decor stores for retro Halloween decor, use a fabric or paper (not plastic) tablecloth on food table, classic Halloween paper goods, paper straws. Follow through with classic Halloween treats and candy; such as apple cider, popcorn balls, caramel apples, and fill small paper bags with 50s-60s candy for favors. This is a super-fun ‘young family’ party theme!)

HALLOWEEN ART-Y PARTY – Tricks or treats, arts or crafts! For this ‘art-y party’ make lots of fun Halloween themed arts and crafts projects appropriate for the ages of your guests. (Do at least one project they can use or wear at the party, one that can be used as a party favor container to be filled with candy, and one that is a Halloween decoration they can display at home.)

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