Adult/Older Teen Halloween Themes, Part 1 – Tricks and treats!

Adults and older teens love Halloween parties, too! What’s not to love about costumes and candy? Obviously, this age group doesn’t go trick-or-treating anymore (we hope) but that’s where a Halloween party can pick up the slack. It’s such an open-ended, multi-dimensional holiday to use for entertaining, it lends itself perfectly to some fabulous parties. There are lots of ways to interpret Halloween and then there’s all the fun and spooky themes to explore.

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When planning for a teen or adult Halloween party, there’s a couple of ways you could go. One direction, is to do a spooky or scary theme, but present it in a more elegant (or slightly campy) manner than you would for kids. For example, for a “Taming of the Shrew” themed party, you might do a gothic-formal dinner party. Or, for a wacky ‘Sci-Fi Fright Night’ (movie night), do a 50s-60s, retro, mad scientist decor. Take whatever theme you want to use and give it a Halloween twist which generally means more spooky or scary, but ‘wacky’ works, too.

The other direction one could go when planning a teen or adult Halloween party, is to use Halloween as the theme but choose a specific party decor style –glam, vintage, retro, natural, contemporary, etc., to stylize the Halloween decor. Halloween is all about the tricks AND the treats, the evil AND the good. It’s fun to explore the elegant or beautiful side of Halloween, too, there’s plenty there to work with!

The themes in these posts, “Adult/Older Teen Halloween Themes” Part 1 and “Part 2 – More tricks and treats!” work particularly well for older teens or adults. However, if you don’t quite see what you’re looking for, try “Halloween Themes, Part 1 – Wicked fun!”, “Halloween Themes, Part 2, – More wicked fun!” or “Halloween Themes, Part 3 – Even MORE wicked fun!” for lots and lots more ideas.


TAMING OF THE SHREW – Guests are transported to an elegantly, gothic (dinner?) party hosted by the sharp-tongued, dark and wild Katarina and the only man who can tame this shrew, Petruchio! Make William Shakespeare proud! (Decor is gothic, elegant, Renaissance, use lots of black, gold and silver. All table decor should have a gothic Halloween twist. Of course, Katarina must attend, Petruchio‘s attendance is optional.)

TRANSYLVANIA, ROCKY HORROR-STYLE – Guests will have a fun, irreverent evening doing the ‘Time Warp‘ back to the 70s! (Request guests costumes are either 70s style or ‘Rocky Horror‘ style. Make a 70s playlist of ‘Rocky Horror‘ tunes, Halloween hits and other classic 70s tunes. Decor should be a ‘Sci-Fi, Mad Scientist’ theme, with plenty of campy 70s vibe for good measure! Have ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show‘ movie posters for wall decor. Do a ‘Brad’ and ‘Janet’ couples costumes. Provide glow jewelry, red wax lips and bags of other traditional RHPS props you are willing to have thrown at your tv. Of course, a showing of the film would be in order!)

LOVE BITES!/CLASSIC VAMPIRE – Transport guests to your medieval manor of vampires and werewolves! Dracula vood love to drop in for a bite! (This is a retro vampire theme, but do it with a glamorous twist. Use medieval, gothic decor. Color scheme: blood red, black and white. Have lots of bats in residence, all sizes, even silhouettes. Create a foggy graveyard in your front yard with a full-size coffin, if possible. Serve Bloody Mary’s (sans alcohol, if necessary) or Bloody Punch. After the invasion of modern, teen vampires, this retro theme actually feels fresh again!)

TWISTED FAIRY TALES/A GRIMM EVENING – Pick a few of the already scary fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and give ’em your own twist! Or choose just one fairy tale to focus on. (Spooky, dark, German, medieval decor. Walk guests through a creepy ‘Black Forest’ to end at the witch’s bonfire who might be making Hansel and Gretel stew; create a ‘Little Dead Riding Hood’ scene, or invite guests into your creepy castle perfect for one very, evil queen and ‘Creeping Beauty’. Be sure to serve Snow White’s ‘poisoned apples’ – blood red candy apples using non-poisonous, natural sticks.) (Search Miss Party’s site for lots of posts on ‘A Grimm Evening’ to see her take on this theme.)

SCI-FI FRIGHT NIGHT – Show 50s and 60s Sci-Fi and monster flicks for an extra cheesy, retro Halloween party! These black and white B-movies are almost comical now. They’re good, clean, scary-fun! Throw in an episode of “The Twilight Zone“, for good measure. (50s-60s retro classic or retro sci-fi Halloween decor, diner/drive-in movie-inspired decor, lots of diner food, popcorn, movie-style boxed candy. Fun to have a ‘Creature From the Black Lagoon’ costumed character!)

HITCHCOCK’S BIRDS – Blackbirds, scarecrows, ravens, vultures and owls have invaded your home! Somehow they’ve banded together and are just waiting to attack their prey–your guests! They’re wickedly scary and they’re everywhere! (Scary, predatory birds should be everywhere; play recorded noisy bird sounds at party entrance. Other decor: use black silhouettes of birds; large/small nests; branches sprayed black with birds perched on the branches; use candle pedestals or cake plates to add height to nests; have open birdcages; ‘capture’ a blackbird on a nest under a glass bell cloche or candle hurricane; use lots of spanish and reindeer moss. Do a showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, “The Birds”, or at least have it playing nearby, with or without the sound turned on.)

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