Adult/Older Teen Halloween Themes, Part 2 – More tricks and treats!

This is the continuation of “Adult/Older Teen Halloween Themes, Part 1″, to give you a few more themes and inspirational ideas. These themes work particularly well for older teens or adults. However, if you don’t quite see what you’re looking for, try “Halloween Themes, Part 1 – Wicked fun!”, “Halloween Themes, Part 2, – More wicked fun!” or “Halloween Themes, Part 3 – Even MORE wicked fun!” for lots and lots more ideas.

Consider your guest list and their level of good-natured enthusiasm and interest in a participatory costume party or whether something low-key would suit better. Most older teens are still happy, if not thrilled, to do full costumes at Halloween, but if low key works better for your adult crew, then request guests wear ‘festive accessories’ on your invitation. At the very least, the ladies will participate!

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No matter how much or little Halloween decor you have to work with, give it more impact, by grouping a few items together into small vignettes or arrangements of items in a couple of key places all guests will see. As opposed to, putting one Halloween piece here and one over there and one in the next room. The key areas to focus your energy on decorating are: walkway and front door area; foyer table; a central party space table or hearth; a centerpiece arrangement for a food table, and maybe a little something fun in the powder room. Purchase several packages of faux cobwebs and spanish moss to add that perfectly spooky touch to all your ‘normal’ home decor, pictures and mirrors. Check for great-looking Halloween decor that lasts year every year. Miss Party has purchased some favorite Halloween pieces from Grandin Road.

Miss Party has amassed a massive collection of Halloween decor over years and years of collecting a little each year. If you’re on the other end of this addictive holiday and just starting to collect a few things, figuring out where to begin or what will give you a good bang for your buck (long term) can be daunting. Miss Party has a new post coming very soon, “Haunted House 101”, to learn the basics of how to haunt your humble abode, and what to do next if you’ve got those basics covered and are ready for the next level of haunting…


THE HAUNTED HOLLYWOOD HOTEL – Guests have received a mysterious, formal invitation to a private movie premiere held at the now-abandoned and reportedly haunted, glamorous Hollywood Hotel…hopefully, guests will survive this tower of terror! (Decor is 1920s-30s, ‘glamorous Hollywood’, but looks creepy and abandoned. Show a retro scary movie or remake, with plenty of popcorn and movie-style boxed candy.)

THE TWILIGHT ZONE – This hit tv show still draws all those sci-fi ‘geeks’ to enter The Twilight Zone –like moths to a flame! Have fun with the era from which it aired – the mod, ‘Rat Pack’ early 60s! (Do 60s-inspired, ‘mod’ Halloween party pad decor in dark grey (or black), white and orange. Serve cool, man, cool cocktails and hip hors d’oeuvres! Have a DVD of ‘The Twilight Zone‘ playing nearby, or do a showing of several episodes. Give party favors of silver, mini film canisters filled with 60s candies.)

GLAM HALLOWEEN – Explore the glamorous side of Halloween (spooky or not)! There is so much glitterized, be-dazzled, and bejeweled Halloween decor in the home stores these days, a “Glam Halloween” party is a snap! Miss Party loves seeing a pile of glittered skulls on a platter as much as the next girl! Go with a bold Halloween color scheme centered around black so that all the color and sparkle will really pop! (Scour home stores and home discount stores for glammed up Halloween decor to create an exciting centerpiece and for other tabletop/mantle decor. Do a Halloween themed ‘Glam Your Glass’ Station for a fun, themed cocktail. Awesome ‘ghoulfriends’ theme!)

TRICKS OR TREATS – An old-school, retro-styled, classic Halloween party will bring back fond memories for your adult guests. (Use classic paper-mache jack-o-lanterns and plastic trick-or-treat pumpkins, black and orange paper chains, paper lanterns, crepe paper streamers and tissue paper poms. Pay close attention to editing OUT contemporary Halloween decor to get this look right (unless you’re going for a retro-modern look). Look for retro Halloween decor, use fabric or paper (not plastic) tablecloths, and classic black and orange Halloween paper goods. Write your food and drink menus on small blackboards. Follow through with comfort foods and classic Halloween treats. For the treats offer things like mini popcorn balls, caramel apples, and fill small paper bags with 50s-60s candy for favors.)

HALLOWEEN AU NATUREL – Bring natural elements inside for a contemporary/organic-style ‘forest’ decor. (Use tree trunk slices and risers on the food table; natural branches as a centerpiece; pinecones, fresh fall fruit and gourds as decor, and natural autumn and contemporary or rustic, folk art Halloween decor. Serve hearty, gourmet comfort foods; caramel apples with real (non-poisonous) sticks instead of popsicle sticks, a rustic apple dessert, and a large crock pot of mulled apple cider for an attractive beverage presentation.)

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