Party Talk: 5 things a great Hostess knows!

What makes a good Hostess great? What takes her parties to the next level? A great Hostess enjoys the party planning process, the results and is still flashing her pearly whites at the end of one of her fabulous parties because she’s got a few secrets up her pretty, little puffed sleeves. Secrets you can learn, just like she did.

1) She knows the basic routines of entertaining through practice, practice, practice! She gets that she needs to entertain on a somewhat regular basis if she wants to better at entertaining, end of story. She’s gained experience planning and holding parties small and large, through repetition periodically or ‘practice’. She’s learned a few things through trial and error, knows what works (and doesn’t) and corrected problems. It’s very hard to be good, much less great, at something one never does!

2) She knows the importance of being organized –lists, lists and more lists! Party planning is a marathon, not a sprint! Miss Party can’t emphasize enough how much being, and almost just as importantly, STAYING organized is before a party or event –the months before, the weeks before, the days before, the hours before. There’s no one party planning organizational system that works for everyone, but a great Hostess has found one that works for her and uses it.

3) She knows she doesn’t have to reinvent the party planning wheel! A great Hostess knows there’s no shame in taking good, great and amazing ideas seen elsewhere (like on and using them in one’s own party planning. Using others’ ideas is usually just the spark that gets her going and she makes it her own as she goes along. A great Hostess takes every creative party planning idea she can find, stores it in her memory banks for future use and puts her own spin on it.

4) She knows she isn’t Superwoman! A great Hostess knows she’s got to spread the wealth (work) to implement all the fabulous food she wants to serve and creative ideas she wants to include in her parties. So she picks 2 or 3 creative projects, makes a couple of dishes on the menu herself and the rest of it is either ready-made, catered, custom-made by a friend or professional, or removed if none of those can be arranged. A great Hostess looks great when the party starts, not haggard and sleep deprived.

5) She knows she wears one great, big, beautiful party hat when the party begins and it has ‘HOSTESS’ written across the front in big red letters with blinking lights surrounding it! A great Hostess knows there is only one person that can play her/his part, but many others that could do every other job at the party whether she begs for, borrows or hires the help. Guests look to the Hostess and Host to set the tone of the party, direct the flow and tell them what’s next. A great Hostess makes people feel at ease, because she is. A great Hostess encourages her guests to relax, eat and socialize, because she is. It would be really hard to do all that if she were always in the kitchen or running around like a chicken…Miss Party will spare you the rest.

Go forth and celebrate with joy!

What do you think?

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