Holiday Wine and Cheese Party, Part 2 – More holiday themes!

This post is a continuation from Part 1, which details the 2011 Wine and Cheese party. Part 2 reviews the previous two themes for this party.

The first year she held the wine and cheese party, the theme was “White Christmas” which meant ‘snow’, in general, and the movie, “White Christmas”, loosely directed the retro-contemporary Christmas decor. The invitation was a simple card with a retro-contemporary snowman on a blue-green turquoise background and the teen party invite was on a smaller blue-green card with several halographic, snowflake stickers; a few faux snowflakes were added to each envelope. The party colors emphasized lots of white, blue-green turquoise, red and silver accents. Faux snow was used everywhere in large, glass apothecary jars (along with silver glittered pinecones, silvered ornaments, or silver sleigh bells) and it was sprinkled on square mirror tiles with white pillar candles and white tea lights in glass votives. The overall ambience was beautiful and quietly elegant. White tablecloths with glistening, opaque white overlays covered all the food and wine tables and there were lots of white lights and fresh garlands.

Simple white tags were tied to wine glass stems with baker’s string and guests were invited to write their names for identification (and to help guests discreetly get to know each other). (See “Wine Glass Name Tags“.) During the party, guests could play a low-key, elegant ‘White Christmas’ movie trivia game, handmade in the party colors. Large snowflake cookies were packaged in white CD envelopes visible through a clear window, as party favors. The teen party decor played up more the kitchy, 40s era decor and had lots of white paper snowflakes and streamers hanging everywhere.

The second year, the theme was ‘Santa Baby.’ Guests were invited to ‘…hurry down the chimney for a Christmas party’ on a vertical, red card meant to imitate Santa’s suit with a wide, black, satin ribbon and ‘shimmer opal’ belt buckle placed about 2/3’s down the card; the envelope was ‘shimmer opal’ to match the belt buckle. The teen invite was printed on a smaller, soft white, scalloped card with ‘nice.‘ written in red glitter. The Christmas decor played up a retro-glam Santa Claus theme and references from the song, ‘Santa Baby’. The party’s colors were, of course, Christmas red and white with black accents.

All the Christmas decor for this party reflected retro glitz and glam: luxurious, red velvet tablecloths trimmed in white marabou (which were gorgeous); diamonds and ruby red jewels were scattered on tabletops; ‘naughty or nice‘, glammed-up 50s-style Annalee elves (of various sizes) played mischievously throughout the party space; and ‘Tiffany blue’ favor boxes with white ribbons held gourmet nuts. The overall music and decor was playful and lively. Again, the teen party decor reflected the adult party’s ‘Santa’ glam, with lots of whimsical ‘naughty or nice’ touches thrown in for fun.

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