Mercury Glass Candleholders – A collection of candlelight!

Miss Party has been collecting mercury glass objects and candleholders of all sizes for over a decade and wants to bring them to light for other Hostesses to consider as an excellent year-round, party decor investment. Mercury glass just doesn’t go out of style or out of season! In fact, it’s quite in style at the moment. Luckily, vintage-feeling mercury glass objects and candleholders can be found year-round at reasonable prices (not just in antique stores or during the holidays) making it realistic to build a very interesting new collection that feels accumulated over time and NOT take a decade to do so. It’s a look that’s rather addictive to collect, there’s just something about it that Miss Party can’t get enough of!

The mercury glass look glides easily between shabby chic, modern/casual vintage and sophisticated glam party decor and candlelight always adds another layer of beautiful ambience for evening parties that money can’t buy. Cluster lots of small mercury glass tea lights together on table surfaces or use a few tea lights and add in larger votive holders or even larger candle wax-filled mercury glass pots. You can also readily find elegant stemmed or pillar mercury glass candleholders in multiple heights. Silvered mercury glass is the most popular, but gold and bronze colors are also being seen more often, which can all work together for a more eclectic look. Look for a variety of sizes and exterior markings such as smooth, etched, ribbed or hobnail to intentionally end up with an eclectic mix that can be mixed and matched at will, depending on your entertaining needs.

Shop sale shelves in home goods stores periodically to add to your collection as inexpensively as possible. Also, purchase a good supply of white tea lights (use inexpensive silver-cupped tea lights), white votives and pillars as needed for your particular collection of candleholders.

Also, consider mixing in silver or gold pillar candleholders into your table arrangement of mercury glass candleholders. The key is to use one candle color, preferably white. If you have other mercury glass objects, add them to your arrangement. In the pic above, notice the crystal ginger jar filled with mercury glass ornaments and faux snow. Or, Miss Party might have taken a large mercury glass cachepot filled with a plant and replaced the ginger jar for a shot of life. All the objects will all work together beautifully and add to the eclectic, but pulled together collection.

In October, Miss Party purchased three mercury glass, pillar-style candlesticks in varying heights from Pottery Barn. It was a bit of a splurge for her fireplace mantle, but she’ll use them year round. They are gorgeous!! You can see them in several pics from another post “A Holiday Wine and Cheese Party”. The interesting, and somewhat amusing, thing to Miss Party is that each candlestick’s exterior shape and markings is different from the other (besides the height) which creates the illusion that the owner collected them one at a time. As Miss Party said, retailers have picked up on the fact that part of the charm of this look is that each piece is unique and random because, in theory, it is a collection built over time. So they are intentionally designing random ‘collections’ of mercury glass objects, as opposed to identical sets which only vary in size. A customer can purchase the whole set of ‘vintage’ candle holders in two minutes that looks like they took two decades to find each one.

You won’t be sorry you invested your entertaining dollars into candlelight holders. It’s hands down one of the best year-round ‘decorations’ you can purchase. In Miss Party’s opinion, there just isn’t a location or a guest that doesn’t look better bathed in the soft glow of candlelight!!

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