The Roaring 20s-30s Theme-Storm


20s-30 era themes; ‘Roaring 20s’ theme; ‘Great Gatsby’ theme; ‘Jazzy Jazz’ theme; ‘Mystery on the Orient Express’ theme; ‘Black and White’ theme; Art Deco-inspired theme


The Great Gatsby‘, “Daisy”, F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Jazz Age, Louis Armstrong, speakeasies or underground nightclubs, prohibition, bathtub gin, moonshine, Planter’s Punch, jazz music popular with younger generation, flappers, ‘Lindy Hop’, Charleston, Zoot suits, gangsters, the ‘Mob’, ‘Tommy’ guns, fringe and feathered headbands, silk and satin, bobbed hair, cigarette holders, elbow-length gloves, long strands of pearls, bootleg whiskey, white linen, black tie, tuxedos, art deco decor, lavish art deco-styled hotels, Waldorf-Astoria Hotels, calla lilies, white ostrich plumes, peacocks, Tiffany lamps, polo ponies, fox hunts, polo shirts, golf, lawn tennis, lawn games like croquet, badminton, horseshoes, amusements, Coney Island, extreme wealth, decadence, overindulgence, summer mansions, cocktails, cocktail parties, Long Island (NY), Rockport (CT), lemonade, champagne, caviar, silver champagne bucket, silver platters, Fedora hat, household waitstaff, nannies, Ford’s Model T car, bicycles built for two, Charles Lindbergh, Bonnie and Clyde, silent films, Charlie Chaplin, steam locomotives, immigrants, Orient Express train, overseas travel, steamer trunk, cruise ships

Popular color combinations: black, white, silver; purple, teal blue, emerald green

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