Behind the Scenes of a new category: Party Theme-Storms

Miss Party is adding a new category to the menu today! “Party Theme-Storms”!! “Theme-Storm” posts are all about words and names that are associated with a given theme. Basically, a “Theme-Storm” is a brainstormed list of all things or people that are related or typically come to mind for that specific theme. It’s a targeted word list, a non-visual Inspiration Board, if you will.

A word list of this type can be very helpful to a party planning hostess. It’s an awesome jumping off point to help you narrow your theme’s focus by choosing to discount various directions that one might make; it helps get your creative juices flowing for great decor ideas, and it helps you to make a list of thematic elements you definitely want to have present at the party so guests are clear what the theme is. It’s a concrete list that’s a must for your party file to keep you focused; the waters won’t get nearly as muddy as planning time goes along.

The purpose of this category is, first, to give you lots of broad themes to consider and allow you to quickly define them (you may fall in love with a more specific theme within the list of related ideas); second, it’s to give you something concrete to keep you focused, and third, the list will give you lots of targeted keywords for better internet searches. Inspiration!!

Miss Party will add Theme-Storm posts often, so check in periodically when you need some new inspiration for an upcoming party or event. Also, don’t hesitate to make your own Theme-Storms to suit your needs. They’re fun to do and get those creative juices flowing. Check out a few of the posts!

Hollywood Theme-Storm
Groovy 60s-70s Theme-Storm
Glam Theme-Storm
Circus Theme-Storm

What do you think?

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