Zig Zag Pots – If you don’t have some – get some!

Miss Party adores Zig Zag Pots!! Over the last six years or so, her collection has grown exponentially to own several dozen because there are so many delicious candy colors and they’re so useful for parties – as whimsical candy, nibbles or popcorn bowls, to small craft supply containers on an activity table, to adorable centerpieces! They are ridiculously versatile, colorful, come in two sizes, really inexpensive (under $2 each), reusable (hand wash and dry), recycle-able, food-safe, BPA free – Whew! Miss Party needs to catch her breath! – AND nest for storage!

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At “The Container Store” as of February 2012, the large size Zig Zag Pots are available online in hot pink, lime and white (which is the most versatile), which is 4 1/4″H x 4″base width x 5″top width. The small size pot is available in light pink, hot pink, white, lime and light blue, which is 3 1/2″H x 3″base width x 4″top width. The plastic is rigid, but not extremely so. They do expand slightly if filled with a lot of something like candy. “The Container Store” sells them year-round (lots of additional colors available at their stores). Here is a link to the large Zig Zag Pots; www.containerstore.com.

Miss Party has several party decor ideas that use these uber-cool Zig Zag Pots that are so cute you can hardly stand it! One of which is pictured below, a zig zag pot is used as the base for the ribbon topiary. The following year Miss Party took the same topiary and slipped a red Zig Zag Pot over the green one to make it work for a Christmas party. What else does the zig zag shape remind you of? A cupcake wrapper, of course, silly!! Make adorable cupcake centerpieces (using the large pots) and/or matching cupcake place card holders (using the small pots).

Here’s a little additional tip: when the pots are doubled about 1/8″to 1/4″of the inside pot shows on the outside so if you stack two Zig Zag pots in different colors you will get a small accent color edge and, of course, the inside color is also different from the outside color. For example, at Christmas, Miss Party uses a red pot for the outside color and a white or lime pot for the inside color and fills them with wrapped candies for perfect little holiday candy containers. Another embellishment that is adorably glam is to hot glue marabou boa trim to the edge of a Zig Zag pot, or for an extra-whimsical touch, hot glue extra large rick rack trim to the edge – so cute!!

Suggested uses:

-Fill as fun, casual candy or snack bowls
-Fill with a single type and color of candy for a candy or dessert buffet table
-Use as personal-size popcorn bowls (red especially cute for this)
-Fill with individual toppings for an Ice Cream Sundae Bar
-Fill with packets of condiments on a casual backyard buffet table or dining tables (Patriotic theme? use red, white and blue Zig Zag pots!)
-Fill with craft supplies, to keep the table orderly at a craft station
-Cover ugly, plastic potted flowers quickly, add a little moss to cover the top of the pots and they’re good to go!
-Use for bases for topiaries
-Use white Zig Zag Pots to make luminaries by the dozen, nest for storage and reuse for years (so over time they are a good investment)
-Fill small Zig Zag Pots with party favors – if spilling is an issue, set the pot inside a large, clear cellophane favor bag first, then tie with colorful ribbon

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