Behind the Scenes of a Pre-Prom Party

Miss Party has the happy job of planning a pre-Prom party for a very special group of friends! The Junior-Senior High School Prom is one of those chaotic, fun, exciting, and drama-filled events that is several months in the making. Miss Party has lived through quite a few Proms and it never ceases to amaze her how much drama swirls around each component of the evening — Prom + teen drama = PRAMA. With that being said, Miss Party’s end is the happy one and we are only going to focus on that aspect here and leave the ‘prama’ to the teens :) If you have a pre-prom party to plan, check back once in awhile for updates on the progress. Maybe you’ll get a few ideas for your teen’s big day.

Miss Party has been mulling over some inspiration ideas for the pre-Prom party which will be held in the second week of May. The month of May is definitely spring in New England rather than early summer. It can be quite ‘some-timey’, there are stretches of sunny days with perfect 70s weather but also jags of cool, rainy weather, it’s a mixed bag. Summer doesn’t get going here consistently until mid June. A party in May needs Plan A and Plan B, if Plan A is to hold the event outside.

Here are a few of Miss Party’s theme-storming ideas and thoughts to give you an idea of how she begins at the beginning, brainstorms her inspiration and works through a few choices and options:

(first thoughts in general) springtime, flowering trees and bushes, apple blossoms, spring fashion trend – boldly-colored floral fabrics, spring flowers, gardens in bloom, planters full of flowers on terrace, hold event outside if weather cooperates, elegant and ‘grown-up’, mocktails, glass stemware, passed appetizers, floor-length evening dresses, tuxedos, for group photos need a very large photograph area with a clean background

More specific thoughts for subtle decor inspiration with exotic world influences:

Asian/Japanese inspiration, Japan famous for springtime beauty, pink cherry blossoms, paper invitation with a beautiful Japanese floral paper wrap, use coordinated Japanese papers in party decor, Asian-influenced floral arrangements, origami paper folding, paper cranes, Asian appetizers, these teens love sushi, gyoza (Japanese dumplings), chopsticks, square plates, contemporary white platters, Monet’s water lilies at the japanese bridge, Koi fish, water, bamboo, fountains, outdoor terrace party, not fixed on a color palette yet

Parisian inspiration, Paris in springtime, flowering trees, gardens in blooms, terrace cocktail party, bistro’s, sidewalk cafe, cafe tables and chairs, parasols, romantic, chic, elegant, Eiffel Tower, Seine River, impressionism, Monet’s water lilies (use for color palette inspiration?), City of Lights, illuminated Parisian monuments against a deep blue sky, white lights, strings of paper lanterns, lanterns, sparkling jewels, pearls, red lipstick, mini croissant sandwiches, French appetizers, macaroons, mini pastries, chocolates, chocolate-dipped strawberries, mock pink champagne punch

What do you think?

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