Rainbow Theme-Storm


Rainbow Theme; Cloud, Sky or Sunshine-related Themes; Uplifting or Inspirational Themes; Dream-related Themes; Arts/Crafts-making party; Whimsical or Cartoonish Inspirations; Candy or Ice Cream Themes; 60s or 70s Retro Themes; “Beatles” Theme; “We’re Over the Rainbow!”/Wizard of Oz Theme; “Rainbow’s End” Theme; “Sunshine Daydream” Theme; “It’s Blue Skies From Now On!” Theme; “Reach for the Sky!” Theme; “It’s a Beautiful Day!” Theme; “Sweet Dreams” Theme; “Dreamland” Theme; “Rainbow Brite!” Theme; “_______’s Candy Bar” Theme inspired by “Dylan’s Candy Bar”; 60s Themes


Rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

rainbow, double rainbow, the rainbow’s end, puffy clouds, white clouds, bright blue sky, ROYGBIV colors (proper order of rainbow colors), sun, sunshine, sun rays, night rainbow, rain, rain showers, iridescent or sparkling rain drops, whimsical, bright, happy, dream-like, childlike, retro cartoon-style rainbows, pop art, topsy-turvy, make-believe, daydreams, Storybookland, Dreamland, “Candyland”, “Lite-Brite”, cotton candy, rainbow-colored streamers or ribbons, helium balloons, hot air balloon, white unicorn, luck, pot o’ gold, leprechauns, rainbows commonly seen in Hawaii and other tropical locations, cartoon rainbow commonly used in marketing of Hawaii, tropical rainstorm, palm trees, tropical islands

60s era, rainbow tie-dye clothing, tie-dye peace symbol, love, retro 70s cartoon-style rainbows, sun, sunshine, clouds

rainbow-colored party decor, diamond or irridescent rhinestones and sparkling jewels (representing sparkling raindrops), multiple mirrored or iridescent garlands hanging vertically (representing daytime rain shower), reflective mirrored ball or disco lights, huge tissue paper poms or paper lanterns in rainbow colors, rainbow balloon arch, use acrylic and clear glass containers, clear containers of unwrapped candies in assortment of bright colors (such as M&M’s, jelly beans or candy sticks), bubble gum balls in assorted colors, big swirled lollipops worked into displays, colorful candy or ribbon topiaries, wrap sheets of candy buttons around centerpiece containers and dinner napkins, ice cream sundae station, candy buffet done in a single color, candy buffet with one color and type of candy per container or one type of candy but assorted rainbow-colored candy per container, art or craft-making activity station involving making rainbows or using rainbow-colored materials, dedicate each dining table or cocktail round to a different color of the rainbow, imitate look of signage for “Dylan’s Candy Bar” in NYC with “_______’s Candy Bar”, see Dylan Lauren’s (Ralph Lauren’s daughter) rainbow/candy-themed wedding reception for inspiration on http://www.dylanscandybar.com

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