Wine Glass Bracelets – DIY glam and sparkle!

Miss Party is attracted to anything sparkly and she thinks these jeweled wine glass bracelets are gorgeous!! They are perfect to add glam, sparkle or sophistication to your party atmosphere. With the current trend of wearing bracelets in multiples, have each glass wear two or three. They would be perfect for a glam themed ladies night, but Miss Party used them recently at an old Hollywood themed, coed wine and cheese party to great success. The bracelets can be used with any stemmed cocktail glass. They’re what every fashionable stemmed glass is wearing this season!!

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Miss Party purchased a variety of super sparkly, but also super inexpensive, beaded elastic bracelets and a spool of clear elastic string. She deconstructed two-thirds of each bracelet and retied the remaining strung beads into one wine glass bracelet. Then, she restrung lots of new bracelets using the remaining beads in a variety of color combinations and patterns.

She quickly whipped together 85+ bracelets in a few sessions of work. Then, it took about a 1/2 hour of additional time to slip the bracelets onto the wine stems. This job was easily taken care of early by picking up rental glasses the afternoon prior to the event. Miss Party put two bracelets on about 15 glasses to add additional variety and sparkle.

One of the nice things about these bracelets vs. stickers or other stick-on jewels is that they couldn’t be easier to remove at the end of the evening and are completely reusable, which makes the project cost more palatable. They make awesome hostess gifts, too, when later packaged in sets!

A few tips:

1. Make one wine glass bracelet and check for size on the glass you intend to use or one that is similar. Wine glass bases can vary in size, so actually slip the bracelet around the base to be sure it fits.

2. Tightly double or triple knot the elastic ends together. Trust Miss Party!

3. Cut an 8-9 inch piece of elastic string to work with so you have extra to hold onto and to make tying off easier.

4. Try to time the purchase of the bracelets around a store sale to lower project cost.

Sources for bracelets and supplies:

A.C. Moore Crafts
Michael’s Crafts

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