Behind the Scenes of Miss Party’s “GRAMMY envy”!

Miss Party is feeling green with “GRAMMY envy”!! She’s envious of her darling husband who is in LA right now for the 54TH GRAMMY AWARDS and it’s slew of fabulous pre and after parties. He’s been a doll, really…dutifully keeping her apprised of all the going’s on via text (delicious pics with celebrities and movie stars, too!) but it’s just not the same as being there (foot stamp)!

Last night, Mr Party attended the hottest party of every GRAMMY weekend, Clive Davis’ pre-party, held at the beautiful Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA. Of course, Miss Party is sure the shocking news of Whitney Houston’s death at the same location just hours before the music industry party, had many guests arriving with heavy hearts, not the least of which would have to be the host, Clive Davis, who discovered and mentored Whitney Houston for over three decades. It was an odd twist of fate that so many people who knew and cared for her would be together to support each other and celebrate her gifts and positive spirit. The inside scoop is that Alicia Keys was absolutely amazing and the showstopper of the evening, Tom Hanks is just as nice in person as you might imagine him to be, and Diana Ross has still ‘got it’!

Miss Party has requested Mr Party to make lots of mental notes about party decor, food and ideas that he comes across while attending all those ‘to die for’ parties. Hopefully, he’ll come home with a few LA chic ideas for her to share next week! Stay tuned…

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