Easter Bunnies “Peeps” Pops – Some bunny loves you!

Bunny love goes out to you, and you, and you! These ‘quick like a bunny’ Easter Bunnies “Peeps” Pops are hoppin’ off Miss Party’s work table this morning. Make a bunch of bunnies and just like the real ones, they’ll multiply before your very eyes!

Marshmallow Bunnies “Peeps” Pops are so ridiculously quick and easy to make for a little Spring or Easter treat, you can make a whole litter of them to give away at your neighborhood Egg Hunt, the school class or your children can make them up for all their friends. Make a tray of them for the Easter brunch dessert table for a little pop of color. The Bunnies “Peeps” are available in several colors; hot pink, blue, purple and mint green.

Get the 4″ lollipop sticks in the candymaking aisle of a craft store. If you are giving them as a take away favor, also purchase lollipop bags (which come with twist ties) to wrap them individually and keep them softer. If you’re feeling ambitious, also purchase a bag of “Wilton’s Candy Melts” in a green color, to put each bunny in the grass; or dark or milk chocolate to put them in a bird’s nest. For a nest you can also do a second dip into “Cocoa Krispies” cereal.

To put your bunnies in the grass or a nest, melt a small bowl of Candy Melts and dip each bunny up to their armpits in chocolate. If you are doing a nest, next dip the chocolate nest into a bowl of “Cocoa Krispies”. Lay them on a cookie sheet to cool and harden. While chocolate is cooling (but before it is hard) insert the stick into the bottom of each bunny.

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