Behind the Scenes of a “Tiffany & Co.”-Inspired Pre-Prom Party

So, it’s a month until our local high school’s Prom and the pre-Prom party Miss Party is working on. Plans are finally taking shape. It took a bit of brainstorming to find the right theme for this gathering, but Miss Party thinks a “Tiffany’s”-inspiration is perfect for the special occasion and clever to boot with the hostess’ name, Bethany, easily replacing “Tiffany”.

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Of course, Prom is all about dressing to the nines –the guys looking spiffy and handsome in their tuxes and the gals sparkling and beautiful at every turn on the dance floor. Every one of them so pleased with themselves in all their finery, they could bust. They’re awkward, nervous, excited and perfectly adorable!

The pre-Prom invitations turned out exactly the way Miss Party envisioned them, which is always a wonderful thing. They came together quite easily once the wording was worked out. Once again, “The Paper Source” came to the rescue with a very close match to the iconic “Tiffany’s” Blue, called “Pool”, certainly close enough. The 5 x 5 invitations are distinctive and chic, but still look fun and youthful.

In this situation, the party itself is quite short, not much more than an hour and a half. It’s just enough time to chit chat a bit and admire each other, then do pictures. Pictures, pictures and more pictures are the central purpose for this gathering and then all of the Cinderellas and their handsome princes must dash off to the ball!

The themed party decor is relatively minimal, primarily just on the food and beverage table. The iconic “Tiffany’s” blue boxes with white ribbon are an instant and lovely color palette to work with. Of course, a graduated stack of those iconic gift boxes tied with white satin ribbon is mandatory for the centerpiece. Great big, sparkly crystal diamonds and jewels of all sizes will be scattered on tables to make it feel festive and sparkly. A few vases of fresh, white flowers; good music, and some non-messy food and drink will round out the plans.

Luckily, on a recent party shopping trip everything was clicking. Miss Party grabbed the last roll of ‘Pool’ blue wrapping paper at “The Paper Source”; happened across the perfect set of three graduated gift boxes and rounded out her successful trip by finding cute cocktail napkins in the party’s colors. Sometimes things just go like that and it makes up for the other times when you can’t find a thing you’re looking for.

We’re also playing around with the idea of giving each of the ladies a “Mini Prom Emergency Kit” as they head out the door. We’ll see how that idea develops. It could be cute wrapped up in a “Tiffany’s” blue box and white ribbon. We’ll need to think of something fun to give the gentlemen, too. Don’t want them to feel left out!

What do you think?

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