Behind the Scenes – A celebratory dinner in Paris!

Bonsoir, mon ami! During Miss Party’s recent Paris getaway, one of the highlights of the trip was celebrating her and her darling Mr. Party’s 25th wedding anniversary dinner at Jules Verne. The uber-chic restaurant is situated just above the second viewing platform of the Eiffel Tower and has a beautiful panoramic view of Paris. Pictures don’t do the view or the restaurant justice –it was breathtaking!

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The restaurant seats each table only once for the evening so patrons never need feel rushed. We chose the fixed menu of 6 courses with paired wines and enjoyed every minute of the lovely evening. Each course was beautiful and delicious, each wine perfectly paired. Of course, service was impeccable, always there when needed and never intruding when not. Overall, Miss Party agreed that it was in the top five of her favorite dining experiences.

Yes, you do spy Mariah Carey seated at the table directly behind Miss Party!!! Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon, were also celebrating a wedding anniversary, their fourth. Their arrival later in the evening, complete with an entourage, certainly added to the excitement of the evening! Miss Party could hardly stand knowing the bedecked and bejeweled couple were right behind her but their table was so close she couldn’t tastefully turn around even once to get a good, long look! She considered sharing a few nuggets of wisdom on how to make it to their 25th anniversary, but Mr. Party suggested that perhaps they might not appreciate the input. Oh well, c’est la vie!

Au revoir!


  1. Wow! What a special way to celebrate your momentous anniversary. Congratulations to you and Mr. Party.

    • “April in Paris” was pretty much perfect!! I thought we were doing so well at 25, until a couple of days after returning from our trip I met a 93 year old man who was celebrating his 75 wedding anniversary that day! Come on, really?! We should all be so lucky!

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