‘Denim Blue Jeans’ Inspiration, Part 2 – Take a beloved classic and give it a twist!

Okay, enough chit-chat! Gather up some old, retired jeans you are willing to cut up (or purchase a couple of pairs at a secondhand clothing store and machine wash before using). Purchase a couple of yards of denim in several shades, weaves or washes (hopefully on sale, denim is a bit pricey per yard). Grab a sharp pair of scissors, needle and thread, and a glue gun. Once you’ve got those items, throw on your favorite, comfortable work jeans and let’s see what we can do!

With one pair of jeans, Miss Party made: 3 fabric flowers; 2 pocket pouches with handles (made from the hems of the pant legs); and 3 long ‘ropes’ of denim from the seams to be used like ribbon or rope. She used a pair of women’s jeans, size 26, that was in the give-away pile, but if you are purchasing jeans secondhand for this project, choose the largest mens jeans you can find, to get the most amount of fabric for your money. Before you start cutting away on the jeans, have a few thoughts in mind as to how you want to use the denim as this may change the way you deconstruct the jeans.

Miss Party felt compelled to use lots of denim fabric flowers in several upcoming denim-inspired themes. The stiffness of denim works well to make flowers of substantial size. These larger-than-life flowers, a la “Alice in Wonderland,” play well on a large surface like a tablecloth, runner or fabric backdrop hanging. Use your denim fabric flowers to make a ‘Wow!’ statement in your party decor. If you really love the flowers, make lots of them in a variety of shapes and sizes (the bigger the better) to embellish anything and everything you can. See DIY Party Projects for tutorials for all of the different styles of flowers. The largest flower in the pic above is 14 inches, most are 7-9 inches. Without a common object in the picture it’s a bit tough to get a sense of their scale, but they are quite stunning in person!

Use the fabric flowers to make a gorgeous wide table runner to put across the long sides of your food or dessert table. See the No-Sew Fabric Party Table Toppers and Runners tutorial. For the runner fabric, choose a solid complementary color with some weight and stiffness to it, or use a lighter or darker shade of denim than the flowers themselves. Cut away a wide ‘V’ on each end of the runner, then glue down a hem along all sides of the fabric. Artfully arrange your fabric flowers on each end of the runner (if it will be used on a two sided table) using a pair of jean’s pant leg seams cut away as ‘vines’ for the flowers. Tack or safety pin everything into position (as opposed to gluing them down). Removal of the flowers from the runner will be easy when the party is over and done. Reuse the flowers elsewhere and wash and reuse the topper fabric piece for another purpose. Classic, white tablecloths under your runners make the denim pop, but any color looks great with denim, so go with your personal favorite.

‘Denim Blue Jeans’ Inspiration, Part 1′
DIY Denim Flowers – Large, rounded petal type
DIY Denim Flowers – Mum-inspired style
DIY Denim Flowers – Rose-inspired style

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