A Pre-Prom Party – The sweetest party you’ll ever have!

A pre-Prom party is such a sweet, poignant and romantic gathering to host for your teenager! Miss Party encourages you not to let someone else host the gathering and get to have all the fun. It’s a nice chance to socialize with parents you never see anymore, ooh and aah over all the pretties, snap tons of pictures and then it’s over and done early enough to still go out to dinner yourselves!

"Tiffany & Co."-themed party

On the teens end, they primarily need a place to gather friends and their dates together for transportation AND to get lots and lots of group pictures. On the hostess’ end, the primary things to pull together are a pretty refreshment table with a few nibbles and to prep a great place as the backdrop for large group pictures. If the picture-taking will take place outside, make sure the area has had a good spring makeover and also plan for a backup location even if the percentage of rain is fairly low. Spring is rainy in most areas of the country, and a shower may very well pop up at the precise moment the pictures must be taken. Doing more than that is really up to the individual hostess.

Of course, the public areas should be tidy and fresh flowers are a nice touch to bring in the springtime season. Providing some non-greasy, drippy or messy hors d’oeuvres or nibbles is nice as long as you won’t be bummed out that it probably won’t get eaten. Miss Party has done many a pre-Prom party and please believe that most food won’t be touched. The girls don’t want to pop a seam overeating or are just too nervous, the guys are too awkward to take anything and they know dinner is served at the Prom anyway and most parents are flying in from work and can’t begin to think about food. Miss Party also likes a mailed invitation (or emailed .pdf version to the parents directly) for this party so there’s no question that parents have seen the details and know they are invited to come as well, with camera in hand.

Considering doing a pre-Prom party of your own? Check out these posts for lots more ideas and things to consider on the topic of group photographs:

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Behind the Scenes of a “Tiffany & Co.”-inspired pre-Prom party!

Behind the Scenes of a pre-Prom party!

Have fun watching a classic moment in your teen’s life unfold! There’s just nothing else quite like this one…

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