MYO Mini Bar – Roll out the bar cart, it’s cocktail time!


Want to get into something new? How about learning ‘the art of the cocktail’? How about having a stocked bar that looks amazing? If you haven’t jumped onto the bar cart bandwagon, you must! Miss Party is crazy in love with hers even if she hardly ever mixes a cocktail. It just looks so Don […]

Cherry Wood Leaves – You’ll ‘fall’ for them!

Cherry wood leaves for fall decorating!

Miss Party is LOVING these cherry wood leaves! They are gorgeous!! Miss Party can imagine using them for any fall-themed party or in your home decor. Here are a few ideas to get you started! – If you would prefer the leaves to be a different shade, they can be stained with wood stain of […]

La Violeta Pastilles – A sweet and pretty edible party favor!

La Violeta pastilles

Miss Party was recently introduced to ‘La Violeta’ pastilles and has since become a little bit addicted to them. The violet flavor is very delicate and the candies themselves are adorable. If you need an edible party favor that’s pretty and keeps well, they may be exactly what you’re looking for! La Violeta, open since […]

“Forever Green”, Part 1 – An eco-party theme with a conscience!

Eco-friendly party goods

“Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” Words to live by! Miss Party is envisioning a future full of eco-conscious celebrations! It’s getting easier than ever before to reduce each party’s footprint without sacrificing style. Reduce what goes into the trash and our landfills by reusing what you can before you buy more and recycling anything that can be […]

“Forever Green”, Part 2 – BEST, BETTER and WORST eco-party choices!

Eco-party supplies and invitations

It’s said that ‘AWARENESS’ is the first step to making a change, so if an old dog like Miss Party can be taught a few new eco-tricks, take a look at the lists below to see if you can make a few new and improved eco-party choices too. This post is the continuation of “Forever […]


Miss Party's Birthday Streamers

Awwwww… celebrates it’s first birthday in two weeks! Shhh…we’re throwing a SURPRISE party to celebrate and you’re invited! (Notice the ‘milestone countdown’ in the sidebar.) Please help Miss Party reach a milestone goal of 100,000 post views by March 31st, 2012–WE’RE ALMOST THERE!!! How you ask? It’s super easy to help, PLEASE VIEW A FEW […]

Zig Zag Pots – If you don’t have some – get some!

Zig Zag Pots

Miss Party adores Zig Zag Pots!! Over the last six years or so, her collection has grown exponentially to own several dozen because there are so many delicious candy colors and they’re so useful for parties – as whimsical candy, nibbles or popcorn bowls, to small craft supply containers on an activity table, to adorable […]

Mercury Glass Candleholders – A collection of candlelight!

Mercury glass candleholders

Miss Party has been collecting mercury glass objects and candleholders of all sizes for over a decade and wants to bring them to light for other Hostesses to consider as an excellent year-round, party decor investment. Mercury glass just doesn’t go out of style or out of season! In fact, it’s quite in style at […]

Iconic Popcorn Boxes – They’re not just for popcorn!

Vintage circus party favors

Miss Party wants to highlight a super-cute AND super-inexpensive container that most normal people would only think to use for it’s intended purpose which is, of course, to hold popcorn. The iconic, American popcorn box has been quietly doing it’s job for over a hundred years and yet, it still looks fresh and exciting, ‘delicious […]

Giant ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Teacup – Custom made for a Mad Tea Party!

Giant "Alice in Wonderland" Teacup

Miss Party is head-over-heels for her long awaited giant ‘Alice in Wonderland’ teacup!! It was backordered through Urban Outfitters for four months and it finally arrived today!! She wanted to share it’s loveliness with her Mad Tea Party followers (and you know who you are) who are mad for all things ‘Alice’. This giant teacup […]


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