‘Pass the Present’ Holiday Game – A ‘LOL’, party game!

NARRATOR: (Read these directions aloud to players.) Every time players hear the words, “LEFT” or “RIGHT”, they must pass the gift they are holding in that direction. Every time players hear a word having to do with, “SNOW”, they must say (OUT LOUD) “BRRRRRR!” and make hand movements to indicate they are very cold. Every […]

Spanish Tapas, Part 2 – Serving with style!

Garlic Shrimp Tapas in Madrid, Spain

This is a continuation of “Spanish Tapas, Part 1 – This is eating, with style!”. If you’d like to serve tapas-style at your next casual dinner party, read on! It’s an easy, casual, sociable way of eating over a long period of time. Enjoy! A few typical tapas: platter of artfully arranged, paper-thin slices of […]

Spanish Tapas, Part 1 – This is eating, with style!

Garlic Shrimp tapas

Miss Party LOVED the tapas-style of bar grazing in beautiful and exciting Espana! It was so fun and sociable! Each ‘little plate’ is a taste of something new and different! With Spain, and Barcelona in particular, such a hot travel destination these days, it’s fun to bring a relevant, but perhaps different, way of entertaining […]

Face and Body Painting Artistry – A party activity that’s not just for kids!

Body painting artistry

Need a low key but very cool party activity? Consider hiring a Makeup ARTIST that specializes in stage makeup and/or artistic face and body painting. No cute, little hearts or flowers on the cheek done by your teenage babysitter (unless your babysitter also happens to be a professional Makeup Artist)…Miss Party is suggesting something more […]

“The Gilded Frame” Photo Shoot – An open-ended activity and photo shoot in one!!

Gilded Frame Photo Shoot

“The Gilded Frame” Photo Shoot is actually a creative party activity that will yield lots and lots of amazing photos! Miss Party is in love with this activity as a way to preserve the memories of a special day but in a super fun, whimsical, relaxed way. Allow a good bit of time for the […]

“Forever Green”, Part 2 – BEST, BETTER and WORST eco-party choices!

Eco-party supplies and invitations

It’s said that ‘AWARENESS’ is the first step to making a change, so if an old dog like Miss Party can be taught a few new eco-tricks, take a look at the lists below to see if you can make a few new and improved eco-party choices too. This post is the continuation of “Forever […]

‘Valentine’s Card-Making’ Family Party – Make someone else’s day sweeter!

Valentine's Card-Making Party Supplies

Valentine’s Day IS for lovers but Miss Party doesn’t believe it has to be just for couples. Host a ‘Valentine’s Card-Making’ family event to make valentines for one of your local non-profit or for-profit organizations that work with ‘at-risk’ residents in your community that could use some cheer in their lives. Every community has folks […]

Zig Zag Pots – If you don’t have some – get some!

Zig Zag Pots

Miss Party adores Zig Zag Pots!! Over the last six years or so, her collection has grown exponentially to own several dozen because there are so many delicious candy colors and they’re so useful for parties – as whimsical candy, nibbles or popcorn bowls, to small craft supply containers on an activity table, to adorable […]

‘All for One and One for All!’ Group Photo – A team photo that says it all!

Miss Party's 'Helping Hands' Team Photo

Miss Party thinks an ‘All for One and One for All!’ photo is a fun and creative way to symbolically capture a celebratory group moment and wants to highlight the idea that might just be the best group photo of all. It’s a different sort of ‘team photo’ and one that the group will remember […]

Iconic Popcorn Boxes – They’re not just for popcorn!

Vintage circus party favors

Miss Party wants to highlight a super-cute AND super-inexpensive container that most normal people would only think to use for it’s intended purpose which is, of course, to hold popcorn. The iconic, American popcorn box has been quietly doing it’s job for over a hundred years and yet, it still looks fresh and exciting, ‘delicious […]


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