Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup for a Crowd – Hearty and delicious!

Chicken Tortilla Soup

This yummy, spicy soup is just as perfect for warm, summery weather as it is for cold, football-watching weather. For the hostess, it’s easy to put the soup together in your crock pot in the morning and have it ready in the evening for guests to help themselves. Couldn’t be less of a fuss! Make […]

Hawaiian Turkey Meatballs (Slow Cooker) – Delicious, retro hors d’oeuvre food!


Miss Party’s friends and family went a little crazy for this sweetly retro-but-still-tasty “Hawaiian Turkey Meatballs” recipe. Meatballs have been a perfect “help yourself” party food since 1971 when Rival’s Crock-Pot came into our lives. Throw them together late morning, leave it to cook all day and then keep it warm in your slow cooker […]

Crockpot Turkey Chili – Easy and delicious!


This DELICIOUS Crockpot Turkey Chili is the perfect meal to serve a group anytime of year. It’s great for lunch or dinner and allows for a flexible serving time. You’ll LOVE how easy it is to put together on the morning of your gathering and have it ready to serve by midday or dinnertime. Great […]

Thanksgiving Weekend Meals – There’s more to it than just a turkey dinner!

Fall in New England

Miss Party knows that few hostesses are preparing food just for Thanksgiving dinner. Often, lunch or heavy snacks are needed on Thursday for family who arrive early or if house guests are staying overnight, a nice breakfast may be necessary on Friday morning. For that matter, many hostesses do multiple meals over the course of […]

Spanish Tapas, Part 2 – Serving with style!

Garlic Shrimp Tapas in Madrid, Spain

This is a continuation of “Spanish Tapas, Part 1 – This is eating, with style!”. If you’d like to serve tapas-style at your next casual dinner party, read on! It’s an easy, casual, sociable way of eating over a long period of time. Enjoy! A few typical tapas: platter of artfully arranged, paper-thin slices of […]

Lobster Mac & Cheese Casserole – Anything BUT ordinary!

Lobster Mac and Cheese

This particular version of mac & cheese sans lobster is one of Miss Party’s signature dishes, she’s often requested to make it (often by adults). Adults love the gourmet treatment of a favorite comfort food; kids just love mac & cheese…it always works. Adding sweet lump lobster meat to this humble side dish pushes it […]

Harvest Vegetable Soup for a Crowd – A hearty, delicious MAKE-AHEAD soup for everyone!

Fall in New England

Harvest Vegetable Soup is perfect for a frosty autumn day or a snowy winter’s night! What’s more welcoming to guests than the smell of a pot of soup on the stove? Soup is the perfect entertaining MAKE-AHEAD meal! This recipe serves a whole crowd and all ages love it for lunch or a light dinner […]

The Miss Party Recipe Test – You won’t be sorry you did it, but you might be sorry you didn’t!

What the heckles is the ‘Party Recipe Test’? It is a rigorous mental test Miss Party runs on every recipe she considers serving at a party. A recipe MUST be able to come out with a better-than-average score on this test to even be considered getting invited to the party! Hmmm…if it tastes good around […]

“Mad Tea Party” Theme – a la Hatter, Vintage-Style, Part 4A – A High Tea Menu Alice would love!

Miss Party - Mad Tea Party Dessert Buffet

This vintage-styled ‘Mad Tea Party’ Menu is filled with dishes Alice would love, she is starving-so! If only the Mad Hatter and The March Hare were better party planners things might have gone more smoothly. Alas, as Alice finds out, they most certainly are not! If you would like to bone up on your English […]

Lettuce Wrap Tacos

Lettuce Wrap Tacos are light and delicious and best of all, made to your guests liking. Please take the extra time to make the Shredded Beef (Carne de Res Deshebrada) Taco Filling, it will really be worth it if feeding adults. Deshebrada is the traditional Mexican filling for tacos. Your guests will love it! 1/4 […]


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