Event Stylist

Today, you are just as likely to hire a Professional Stylist or Specialist for anything from how to decorate, personalize and organize your home’s interiors or landscaping, to your hair, makeup, wardrobe, or professional image. A Stylist is an expert in a specific subject matter. Sometimes they are called in to do the project for you; more often than not, you want them to assist and educate you, narrow your focus, or find your point-of-view, as you gain the confidence to continue on without them to your end goal. The savvy consumer knows she can’t possibly know everything about everything, she just needs to know someone who does, at the right time!

A smart Hostess brings a Professional Event Stylist into the picture, if the personal event she is planning is: outside her Comfort Zone in some way and she needs expertise, ideas, support and information; likely to highlight the fact that organization and planning are NOT her strong suits; one that is near and dear to her heart and she wants the very best outcome possible; or, one that she has more money than time to plan. An Event Stylist should bring current or unique ideas and information to the table and work closely with the client to personalize her event and bring out the Hostess’ own personality and point-of-view. They should work together to bring the event theme into sharp focus to create a celebration that will delight her guests with it’s originality and thoughtful details. The Stylist can also provide: a stylistically unique perspective; theme ideas; decor ideas; sourcing information; menu suggestions; party decor projects; project tutorials; general party planning and social etiquette information; event framework; event timeline; and moral support to empower the novice or unsure Hostess to entertain with confidence.

The savvy party Hostess knows she can’t know everything, but she does know just who will make her look like she does – Miss Party!

Contact Christina Komine, aka Miss Party, at ChrisMissParty@yahoo.com

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