‘Mad Tea Party’ Table Centerpiece – The more the merrier and every way is the right way!

Miss Party's Mad Tea Table Collage Centerpiece

How does one decorate a mad tea party table? Well, to begin at the beginning, it is quite unlike any other! You must think in a different way than you typically would. The more mismatched, odd or whimsical the items on the table, the better. ALL manner of unrelated objects and knick-knacks might work – […]

DIY “Paper Lace” Decorative Hanging – Simply gorgeous!


Don’t you just love this gorgeous, paper lace, 15 inch, decorative hanging! Miss Party is loving it!! This paper lace hanging is one of her most popular “Pinterest” pins! She can just imagine a beautiful inspiration fabric backdrop and ruffled streamers or big, tissue poms hanging from the ceiling at the corners of the table. […]

“KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” Theme – A Tea Party or Ladies’ Luncheon that’s spot on!

Keep Calm Tea Party

“KEEP CALM and CARRY ON” – Seriously, could this expression be any more perfect for a Guest of Honor who is betwixt and between anxiety and anticipation about moving on to the next phase of their life!? Or how about for a few single ladies at Valentine’s Day? A Tea Party for Mother’s of High […]

DIY Mad Tea Party “Teetering Teacups” Centerpieces – They’re mad as a hatter!

Miss Party - Mad Tea Party Table

Miss Party thinks these beautiful, whimsical, topsy-turvy ‘found art’ sculptures are even more gorgeous in person than the pics do them justice. Using real teacups and saucers and teapots gives each centerpiece a wonderful, one-of-a-kind, vintage authenticity. Adding natural objects and small embellishments creates even more layers of interest to the ‘found art’ or ‘found […]

Behind the Scenes of a Mad Tea Party – Miss Party has returned from Wonderland!

Miss Party's Vintage Fabric Bunting

Oh my gosh, oh my goodness!! Miss Party feels like she really did fall down the rabbit hole!! The Sweet Sixteen Mad Tea Party was a wonderful whirlwind in Wonderland where everything went perfectly perfect in every way! Miss Party wants to share every last detail! However, this week another large party is quickly coming […]

“Mad Tea Party” Theme – a la Hatter, Vintage Style, Part 2C – Even MORE Mad Tea Party Table!

Miss Party - Mad Tea Party

This is a continuation of the “Mad Tea Party” Theme, Part 2B, with lots more Mad Tea Party table decor. Miss Party is on a roll now with ideas flying faster than the Queen of Hearts’ Guards! Now is the time to start figuring out how to use all those fabulous vintage items you have […]

“Mad Tea Party” Theme – a la Hatter, Vintage Style, Part 3C – Even MORE decor!

"Unruly Cards" Centerpiece for Mad Tea Party

This is a continuation of “Mad Tea Party” Theme, Part 3B – MORE Decor. Miss Party is forging on with lots more ways to decorate the Mad Tea Party space! Create an artistic ‘Truly Unruly Cards’ Centerpiece for a table display or a larger version as a garden sculpture. Create small ‘Wonderland montage’ centerpieces of […]

“Teetering Teacups” Centerpiece #2

Miss Party's "Teetering Teacups" Centerpiece for Mad Tea Party

Here is a ‘Teetering Teacups’ variation for a Mad Tea Party the Mad Hatter would love! He and Miss Party do love a good pot of tea, you know! Each of Miss Party’s teacup sculptures are unique depending on the particular pieces of new and old china she collected for the project. Yours will be […]

‘Truly Unruly Cards’ Centerpiece – Perfect for an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ themed party or a Mad Tea Party!

"Unruly Cards" Centerpiece for Mad Tea Party

This ‘Truly Unruly Cards’ centerpiece is so fun for a touch of whimsy on a Mad Tea Party table, or in a smaller version, perfect for a welcome table at an “Alice in Wonderland” themed party! Miss Party wanted the card sculpture to somewhat imitate the John Tenniel illustration from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” of […]

Honeybee Theme – Honey is right on trend!


Any springtime or summer event could easily adapt this hardworking honey of a theme! Try these on for size: for a Bridal Shower – “She’ll bee a honey of a Bride!” or “Queen Bee-in Training”; a Housewarming – “Let’s celebrate their sweet Beehive!”; an adult birthday – “She’s sweet as Tupelo Honey”; a Baby Shower […]


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