DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Glitter Dusted Clips

Glitter Dusted Decorated Clips

This tutorial reviews steps to glitter dust your previously decorated clothespin clips. Gather supplies: -previously decorated clothespin clips (see “DIY Decorated Clip Tutorial”) -glitter dust for top coat over scrapbook paper (Miss Party also really loves Martha Stewart’s Crystal Coarse Glitter, it gives a slightly different effect) -waterbase, polyurethane varnish, matte or gloss -1″ foam […]

DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Embellishing your Decorated Clips


This tutorial covers embellishing your ALREADY decorated clothespin clips. If you haven’t yet decorated your clips, please see “DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial”. Due to an impending vintage-style Mad Tea Party, Miss Party’s examples tend towards a vintage-y style, but the clips can definitely be go in a more modern, contemporary, whimsical, or retro direction, if […]

DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Basic Paper-covered Version


This tutorial is for making a beautiful decorated, but non-embellished clip, please see additional tutorials for variations on this clip. Miss Party’s examples are very vintage-inspired due to an impending vintage mad tea party, but yours surely don’t have to be. No matter your party’s style these clips can be adapted to fit. From modern, […]


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